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Be adored, not ignored

Acquisition programs keep your business alive. Period. But with 700 million+ devices now blocking ads, you’ll need to do more than just launch a campaign and hope for results.

Customer Acquisition

Be adored, not ignored

Acquisition programs keep your business alive. Period. But with 700 million+ devices now blocking ads, you’ll need to do more than just launch a campaign and hope for results.

We can now deliver omni-channel customer journeys with next-best-actions across owned and paid channels for each individual.

Matt Mobley CTO Merkle

Stop paying to be ignored

Three seconds or less. That’s all it takes for a customer to decide to ignore your ad, block you, or – if you’re lucky – follow through with a click.

What informs that decision? Timing and relevance. Consumers are quick to look away when brands serve up poorly-timed ads for things that don’t matter to them. If you can’t offer a product or service that speaks to their needs right now, you’re done.

To make a better first impression, you need better data. Our Paid Media Manager lets you draw on actual customer behavior and preferences to figure out what’s relevant, for whom, at the right moment.

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Paid media and next best action

Empower paid campaigns to interact intelligently with your customers.

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The Forrester Wave™

Pegasystems was cited as a leader in Real-Time Interaction Management (RTIM).

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Remarketing meets smart marketing

We’ve all seen them. Those ads selling you a phone you just bought, an insurance policy you just renewed or a loan you already took out. They’re unnecessary – and annoying.

The fact is, brands spend millions on remarketing. But a lot of it is wasted selling the wrong thing at the wrong time.

Paid Media Manager is smarter. More precise. It creates a profile for each potential customer – based on past interactions, browsing history and more – and updates it whenever they do something new. So when the time comes to serve up an ad, your target sees a message that’s relevant right now, not yesterday or last week.

Add in seamless integration with Facebook, Google and other paid channels, and you get the perfect balance of what’s right for your business and what’s right for your customer.

Tailor-made actions for customers

So you’ve made a powerful first impression with a relevant, timely ad. Then what?

The next stage of the relationship is all about trust. Listening. Getting to know each other better.

Everything a customer does reveals rich information, whether it’s logging into your app, calling, or visiting a branch. But most brands can’t leverage this knowledge, and instead bet their entire ad strategy on a few recent clicks.

With Pega Customer Decision Hub, you’ll be able to draw on every kind of behavior. You’ll get valuable insights. And you can keep your promotions timely and relevant in every phase of the customer journey – building loyalty today and tomorrow.


Customer Decision Hub

Use memory and predictive intelligence to better connect with your customers.

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Get acquisition done right

Customer Decision Hub

Draw on customer behaviors in every phase of their journeys.

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Customer Case Studies

"Activation of add-ons increased 50%."

“What we found is the number of products taken during account opening has increased by more than ten percent. And we’ve also found that activation of add-on features like a debit card, an e-statement, internet banking has increased by as much as 50 percent."

Donald MacDonald, Head of Group Customer Analytics and Decisioning, OCBC

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"Personalized, relevant, and timely.”

“We want to engage in a personalized, relevant, and timely dialogue with our customers to listen to and better understand their needs.”

Jo Allen, Business Lead, Next Generation Decisioning, British Gas

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"Game-changing customer experiences."

“To create game-changing customer experiences, we needed to integrate our channels in real-time. Not batch driven, not cached-offers, not near real-time… But REAL real-time. We’re able to use context to make a decision, and get a personalized offer within 200 milliseconds."

Gabrielle Shone, Associate Director, Campaign Technology, Optus

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