The Customer Decision Hub

Ever wish you could see into the minds of customers and know exactly what they want from your company? Well, too bad, because technology isn't there yet. But Pega's Customer Decision Hub can get you one step closer.

Just six percent of marketers say they have a single view of the customer. In most organizations, customer views are fragmented and incomplete. When consumers reach out for help or marketers attempt to create tailored offers, it’s more frustrating than it should be.

Pega's Customer Decision Hub is designed to remember everything about your customers so you can always recognize them and provide service that exceeds their expectations. Think about it like a brain that's always on, always processing. Our real-time decisioning processes combine data such as lead scoring, response likelihood, propensity to purchase, and churn risk to create a personalized profile for each customer. Compiled data is then used to drive predictive analytics and help identify potential future needs and outcomes.

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