Business Process Management Software

Reap the Benefits of Business Process Management Software

Business process management software enables companies to create, deploy, and monitor automated and semi-automated business processes. Business process management software offers substantial benefits to today’s enterprises, so much so that BPM is increasingly viewed as a core technology for companies looking to gain or keep a competitive edge. The right business process management software can deliver key business process benefits including:

  • Understanding — Migrating your processes onto a BPM platform can serve as the impetus to deeper understanding of your operations and the strengths and weaknesses of your current processes.
  • Efficiency and effectiveness — By intelligently automating manual processes or sub-processes that are time-consuming and prone to error, and by providing a fast, powerful source of decision-making support for process personnel, business process management software increases the efficiency and effectiveness of your operations.
  • Consistency — When consistency across customer interactions or other types of processes is important, business process management software can deliver that consistency.
  • Scalability — Automated and semi-automated processes scale much better than manual processes, an important consideration for businesses on a growth trajectory or navigating economic ups and downs. BPM software can also help to facilitate business process integration for large enterprises whose operations span multiple locations, departments, and IT systems.
  • Agility — The right business process management software will empower you to quickly update your processes in response to developments in your operational environment. Across time, BPM software provides a dynamic foundation for business performance management and continuous business process improvement programs.


Pega 7 vs. Java Enterprise Edition Productivity Study

Download Capgemini’s Productivity Study to see how Pega 7 stacks up against Java EE for developing global, feature-rich, and mobile-enabled enterprise applications.


The Total Economic Impact of the Pega 7 Platform

Pegasystems commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a TEI study to examine the potential return on investment (ROI) enterprises may realize by deploying the Pega 7 Platform.

Pegasystems Delivers Superior Business Process Management Software

Pegasystems is the world’s leading provider of business process management software and solutions for business customer relationship management (business CRM). Our commitment to quality and innovation in BPM technology has earned us consistent recognition as the BPM industry leader by major analysts including Gartner and Forrester. Our superior BPM methodology and BPM services have helped make Pegasystems the business process software provider of choice for eight of the top ten global banks, seven of the top ten insurance companies, and four of the top five health insurance payers.

Our latest BPM suite sets new standards for power, flexibility, performance, ease of integration, and ease of use. To speed your time-to-value, Pegasystems offers a comprehensive set of industry-specific solution frameworks that reflect best practices for industries including financial services, health care, insurance, telecommunications, and more. Solution frameworks are also available for common challenges such as customer service management and project management.

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