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End-to-end IoT

End-to-end IoT. Endless possibilities.

Unlock the power of device-driven data.

Get an intimate look at how customers really interact with your products – then turn that deluge of data into real-time, actionable insights.

"Pega is helping us decision about a million times an hour and we expect that to only grow."

Turn data overload into data-driven decisions

Smart cars. Wearables. Industrial equipment. Even refrigerators. It’s a little overwhelming to think of the billions of connected digital devices in the world and the tidal wave of customer data they’re generating.

But that information brings tremendous opportunities to solve problems, make better business decisions, and lock down new revenue streams. You just need to know what to do with it.

So stop thinking about the Internet of Things (IoT) as a separate channel. Focus on the outcomes. That’s where the real transformation happens.

Whether you’re disrupting the way healthcare is managed, making factories run more efficiently, or driving change throughout your organization, Pega gives you the power to turn revealing IoT data into actionable insights.

See how the experts incorporate social, mobile, IoT, and analytics into their day-to-day operations.


Learn about the disruption of the Internet of Things on the way products are made and serviced.

Stop reacting. Start predicting.

Hindsight’s always 20/20, but what about your foresight?

Sensors and smart devices should be feeding you insights to mastermind proactive IoT-driven services and personalized responses. Stop squinting to see the right customer experience in the distance. Upgrade your prescription and see the future with clear eyes.

Pega handles the digital orchestration of people, processes, things, and data to optimize the value of connected IoT devices. We’re the wide-angle lens that reveals the next steps to proactively improving your customers’ experience. While your competitors are still sorting through that influx of IoT data, you’ll already be putting it to work.

Build agility, not silos

Friends don’t let friends piece together fragmented IoT solutions. More data and more devices are great, but not if they mean more business and system silos.

Exceptional business agility and end-to-end collaboration will keep you ahead of the always-evolving IoT ecosystem. Pega’s unified architecture smashes existing silos and prevents new ones from forming.

Easily marry new streaming data and legacy data sources to enhance your existing business processes. With visual tools for connection, data mapping, data modeling, and data virtualization, those silos will be reduced to rubble.

Quick access to data to build the apps you need without all the fuss.

Customer Case Studies

"Pega is helping us ... prepare those advisors with the right next best action based off what we know from that customer."

Check out the case study
Pega Mobility

Experience what true channel-less engagement looks like.

Customer Decision Hub

Optimize real-time decision management with a predictive decision hub.

Pega Machine Health

Digital Prescriptive Maintenance helps you prevent failure instead of reacting to it!

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