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Redefine customer engagement

Today, every interaction is an opportunity to succeed – or fail.

"Put the customer first.” You’ve heard it a million times. Maybe you have the poster on your wall. But no matter how much you talk the talk, you can’t walk the walk unless your technology measures up.

"We’re creating an environment where we know our customers individually, and we want to use what we know to really understand what’s important to them – so we can be there in the moments that matter."

Meet real needs in real time

What if you could have a sixth sense about your customers’ individual needs, right when they need you most? You’d know what they want. And you’d deliver it when – or before – they want it.

Brands that are in the know aren’t sitting back waiting for fans to reach out. They know the most meaningful interactions can’t be scheduled – you have to seize the moment, then act.

To sense those moments in real time, you’ll need a heightened ability to scan massive amounts of customer data, detect patterns, and spot meaningful opportunities to engage.


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One-to-one customer engagement

Learn how to move from pushing products to having connected conversations.

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Use context to your advantage

Always keep context in mind. That’s a no-brainer. Or is it?

Context isn’t just about your customer’s last click, or which products might be right for them. Think of it as a new kind of empathy. To understand a customer’s needs, you have to consider what’s around them – digitally or physically. At any given time, context is emotional, motivational, situational, behavioral, and environmental – and it’s constantly changing.

Know the full context, and you can engage on a deeper level. It’s like going from tunnel vision to widescreen.

Where will you find that knowledge? Not in your database. You’ll need tools like the Pega Customer Decision Hub, which gives you the power to see real-time context in all its richness – then tailor your actions accordingly.

Get smarter with AI

Customer engagement is a series of choices. Is now the right moment to upsell? To cross-sell? To retain? Or to just say “thank you?”

In today’s connected world, a wrong choice can escalate quickly. One bad call may haunt you for a long, long time.

If you want to make smarter choices, think beyond the usual decisioning tools – they’re often locked away in channel silos, unable to move with the customer.

Instead, you need a shared, AI-powered digital “brain.” It uses real-time analytics, moment by moment. It predicts your next best action. It connects across all your channels. And it learns automatically over time.

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Upgrade every customer interaction with real-time AI

Like any hot tech trend, the secret to AI lies in making it real for your business.

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Next-best-action analytics

When customers adapt their own paths, you need to be agile and responsive.

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Deliver seamless experiences

Let’s say you can sense customers’ needs. You understand context and you even know the right action to take. Unfortunately, you could still lose business to a competitor. Why? Because you didn’t act in time – or in the right place.

For today’s customers, simply knowing what to do won’t cut it. You need to be able to deliver, immediately, on any – or every – channel. Email. Social. Phone. Live chat. Or all of the above.

And marketing is only the beginning. Customers might be ready to hear from sales. They might have a service question. Or an operational need. Whatever it is, you need to be ready.

Every interaction should feel seamless, and centered on them – not you. That’s what real engagement is all about.

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T-Mobile Centers the customer experience with Next Best Action

See how the company achieved an 8-point increase in NPS with Pega Customer Decision Hub.

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Real AI. Real results. In real time. Upgrade every customer interaction.

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