Customer Experience Software

Increase customer value with the right customer experience software.

Customer experience management – and the right customer experience software – are essential to improving customer lifetime value. When customers are satisfied and impressed with their experience with your brand, it turns them from one-time buyers to long-term advocates and maximizes their value to your business.

But delivering an exceptional customer experience is a bigger challenge today than ever. Customers move quickly and easily across channels and expect you to follow them without missing a beat or losing context. They have no patience for how difficult that task can be – especially with a legacy CRM or customer engagement platform that can't accommodate omni-channel conversations or integrate the disparate people and data needed to create memorable customer experiences.

Pega Marketing is different. As a powerful and highly effective customer experience software, Pega Marketing overcomes the limitations of the average CRM system to deliver personalized messaging, relevant offers and consistent interaction wherever the customer chooses to engage with your brand.


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Customer experience software from Pega.

Pega delivers on the promise of omni-channel communication to optimize the customer experience while balancing customer demands with what your business is trying to achieve. Pega combines analytics, predictive intelligence and business rules in real time to constantly evaluate customer interactions and suggest the next best action to take to achieve a superior customer experience. With Pega customer experience software you can deepen customer relationships by consistently delivering experiences that delight customers with contextual messaging, offers and communication.

Pega customer experience software enables you to:

  • Enhance customer lifetime value by turning every customer interaction into an opportunity to upsell, cross-sell, nurture and build trust.
  • Constantly differentiate your brand with unique propositions across every channel that meets customers' needs.
  • Improve customer journey management with customer service and onboarding software that consistently impresses and nurtures customers at every step of their journey.

Key features of Pega's customer experience software.

Pega provides comprehensive tools that enable you to:

  • Design, build and execute all campaigns and strategies from a single application.
  • Understand the next best action to take to deliver an exceptional customer experience.
  • Simulate and test the impact of customer strategies before going live.
  • Use predictive analytics to accurately anticipate customer behavior.
  • Refine strategies with self-learning algorithms to improve the relevancy of offers and actions.

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