Customer Analytics

Improve the customer experience with superior customer analytics.

Customers today expect interaction with your brand to be personalized for their history, preferences and needs. They want every offer to be relevant and every communication to be informed by context. And they want you to meet them on whatever channel they choose, and transition seamlessly across channels in an instant.

Superior customer experience analytics can provide the real-time intelligence required to meet these demands. But most customer engagement software lacks the flexibility, speed and scalability that it takes to integrate powerful customer analytics.

That's where Pega is different. Our customer engagement solution, Pega Marketing, is built on the ultra-fast and highly scalable Pega 7 platform and incorporates sophisticated analytics that enable you to meet and exceed customer expectations for an exceptional experience with your brand.


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Pega vs. Salesforce for Marketing

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Customer analytics from Pega.

Pega Marketing uses customer analytics to achieve personalized customer engagement with consistent messaging and relevant offers to significantly improve customer experiences.

Pega leverages sophisticated analytics, predictive intelligence and business rules in real time to evaluate the context of every customer interaction. Balancing the customer's needs with your business goals, Pega Marketing recommends the content, offer, action and fulfillment channel that will deliver an optimal customer experience while helping you achieve your objectives.

Benefits of Pega's customer analytics.

Pega's customer analytics enable you to:

  • Engage each customer with consistent, personalized and seamless omni-channel communication in context.
  • Respond to customers in real time with one-to-one communications – Pega's customer analytics solution consumes streaming data and events, tracks patterns and triggers actions to perform the optimal next-best-action based on your marketing strategies.
  • Increase sales and profitability by using customer context to determine the best offer for cross-sell and upsell opportunities.
  • Anticipate customer behaviors such as offer acceptance, credit risk and customer churn.
  • Test scenarios and simulate results of marketing strategies before executing them.
  • Differentiate your brand by consistently delivering unique propositions across every channel based on a deeper understanding of the customer's history and needs.
  • Orchestrate all of the data, people, processes and systems required to automatically drive offers through to fulfillment.
  • Monitor and track the effectiveness of marketing strategies across all channels, segments and products.

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