CRM System

Managing customer relationships is an important facet of any business strategy. Without an effective and viable customer relationship strategy, a business will not be able to attract new customers, maintain existing customers, and re-engage lost customers. In today’s digital enterprise, deploying an integrated, comprehensive, and scalable CRM system to manage customers is a requirement for competitive advantage.


CRM Evolved

Can you keep up with always-improving technology and ever-growing customer demands? See how CRM evolved helps your business do more, faster.


Pega vs. Salesforce for Customer Service

Customer service solution buyers report growing pressure from their colleagues utilizing’s Sales Cloud to also adopt Service Cloud to offset price increases. Customer service professionals should, however, think twice.

Uses of a CRM System

A CRM system consists of business management software that automates and tracks all interactions with existing and potential customers. For example, a banking CRM system enables your organization to coordinate customer interactions between sales, marketing, service, and support by consolidating data from those interactions in a central location for sharing across departments.

In sales, a CRM system benefits your sales force by allowing them to access customer intelligence across devices, locations, and regions. Sales force automation software strengthens your sales organization by applying intelligent automation to the sales process from lead generation to first customer contact to quote generation to deal closure.

In marketing, a CRM system can be used to plan and execute marketing campaigns across multiple channels. Information from a customer relationship management system is used to segment customers and create highly targeted messages. Analytics in CRM software is used to help organizations make better business decisions on how best to engage each customer.

In customer service and support, case management tools in a CRM system can be used to track and manage service issues allowing expedited response time across customer touch points. Reporting of customer service metrics by the system can help improve customer service performance and provide key performance indicators.

Maximizing Customer Value Using Pegasystems’ CRM System

Pega Better Business Software® provides a comprehensive CRM system that automates and coordinates marketing, sales, and customer service activities to deliver an outstanding customer experience and maximum value to your organization.

Pega Next-Best-Action Marketing implements decision management and predictive analytics to personalize engagement strategies for each customer. It uses predictive and adaptive models to design offers that are highly relevant to each customer based on factors such as time, location, and channel. Predictive analysis can predict customer behavior and allow marketers to modify each campaign based on anticipated customer interests.

The Pega Sales Force Automation solution automates the entire sales cycle from prospecting to lead assignment to fulfillment. It includes contact management features to generate leads and opportunities, territory and sales team management, dashboards to allow overhead views of each account, and case management to manage complex sales processes and enforce best practices.

Pega Customer Process Manager is an intelligent customer service solution that returns high customer satisfaction for service organizations. It dynamically guides service representatives during each interaction by adapting screens, content, and recommended actions based on the context of each customer and situation. Pega empowers engagement through multiple channels and manages interaction data across these channels so that service continuity is maintained when customers switch from one channel to another.

Pega’s CRM system solutions are available on premise or in the cloud.

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