Legacy System Innovation


Don’t let legacy technology slow you down

1986 called. It wants its systems back. Even if yours aren’t actually that old, they’re probably keeping you from moving fast enough to meet your goals. The good news? You can renew and refresh without losing years of rich data.

"[The] Pega suite of tools enables us to be agile and fast on the front-end and stable and reliable on the back-end."

Keep what you need. Lose what you don’t.

Your legacy systems are both a liability and an asset. Yes, they’re brittle and broken, sluggish and slow. But they’re also secure and stable, a dependable and rich source of content and data.

Why incur the risk – and the cost – of ripping out everything and installing something new? Instead, wrap old systems in an agile technology layer that lets you deploy new features in weeks without risking your legacy investments.

Pega’s wrap-and-renew approach preserves stability while adding agility, so you can connect to digital channels like mobile, chatbots, and virtual assistants – all at the speed of today, not decades past.

Achieving stability & reliability

How Allianz tailored digital products and services to match client expectations.

Engineer your data for evolution

Quickly and easily define the data you need and access it in running applications.

Connect from the center out

Don’t start your digital transformation at your legacy data layer. You’ll simply end up connecting customers, partners, and employees to broken processes. Starting in an individual channel is just as bad: you’ll end up creating tomorrow’s silos today. Instead, start your transformation by connecting your systems to your channels from the center, and working out.

Connecting to legacy systems is easy with Pega’s virtualized data layer, library of integration technologies, and ecosystem of components and connectors. We’ve even got built-in robotic automation to connect to systems that don’t have an API (we know you have some).

More importantly, however, with Pega, you start with the outcome you want to deliver, and bring your legacy systems and digital channels together to deliver those results. Pega’s powerful end-to-end automation and AI-driven decisions let you turn the data in your legacy systems into cross-channel experiences for your customers.

Make complexity a piece of cake

Transforming legacy systems means dealing with complexity. You’ve got duplicate systems left over from acquisitions or siloed projects. You handle different business lines and geographies, each with unique requirements. And who knows which new layers you’ll need to add tomorrow.

With Pega, wrangling complexity is a piece of cake – Situational Layer Cake, that is. Our patented architecture was designed from the ground up to manage the massive complexities of real-world businesses, just like yours.

Pega’s patented architecture

Learn how Pega’s Situational Layer Cake enables organizations to differentiate, specialize, and reuse their applications.

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Customer Case Studies

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"Pega is the best company when it comes to complex connected care and case management."
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"Pega is like our conductor. It's the orchestrator of our systems going forward…"
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"Pega allows us to phase out our mainframe systems and react to economic and departmental changes so we can be more flexible to respond to the travelling public."
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