Getting better performance from front- and back-office bank operations is a top priority for managers and analysts facing an increasingly competitive and unforgiving banking business environment. Achieving meaningful improvements in bank operations is a daunting challenge that requires:

  • Intelligently coordinating people, systems, and data across organizational dividing lines in order to eliminate wasteful redundancies and ensure smooth hand-offs of work.
  • Putting all available business data to good use by bringing it directly to bear on daily bank operations and customer interactions.
  • Measuring and closely monitoring operational performance.
  • Implementing operational processes and applications in such a way that they can be readily modified in response to performance shortcomings or changes in the marketplace.

Pega Better Business Software® helps financial institutions attain all these objectives and achieve lasting improvements in the performance and efficiency of their core banking operations.


Corporate Banking Customer Satisfaction Survey

Pegasystems and Finextra conducted a bank and corporate client experience survey, exploring customer sentiments around sales, onboarding, KYC and servicing.


Moments of Truth in Banking

Pegasystems surveyed more than 1,000 participants – a combination of consumers and business decision makers from retail banking organizations – to find out.

The Pega Platform for Bank Operations Optimization

Pegasystems is the leading provider of banking BPM and banking CRM platforms, with 8 of the 10 largest global banks using Pega technology to improve their operational and customer service performance. Pega delivers the end-to-end technology foundation required to achieve excellence in bank operations, with capabilities including:

  • Standards-based integration with legacy and third-party systems and data sources.
  • Predictive and adaptive analytics that use customer profile and transactional data to project the interests and behavior of individual customers, as well as continually updating those projections based on the customer’s interactions with the bank.
  • A central decisioning engine that uses analytics input and configurable business rules to decide the Next-Best-Best action to take when servicing or marketing to a specific customer.
  • Role-based user interfaces that apply directives from the decisioning engine to guide service representatives through customer interactions step-by-step, optimizing the value of the interaction for the customer and the bank.
  • Comprehensive capabilities for monitoring and reporting on Pega-powered bank operations.
  • Pega Build for Change® technology that makes it easy for business users to modify business rules or applications without any coding.

Bank Operations Solutions from Pega

Pega offers a range of targeted bank operations solutions, built on the Pega technology platform and easily customizable for your particular policies and preferences:

  • Solutions for retail banking operations and credit card servicing, including marketing and sales force automation, new account on boarding, and dispute and chargeback resolution.
  • Retail lending solutions, including consumer loan origination systems and collections systems.
  • Commercial banking solutions including commercial lending software.
  • Risk, fraud, and compliance solutions

Learn more about Pega can help you eliminate inefficiencies and boost the performance of your bank operations.