Contextual Next-Best-Action

Increase customer value and enhance the customer experience with every interaction, and empower your customers through proactive contextual actions. Analyze customer data, and derive crucial customer insights that drive coordinated real-time decisions across all channels.

Build for Change: Next Best Action | 2:35

"Next-Best-Action" gives you the ability to:

  • Anticipate customer needs in real-time based on customer data and business context.
  • Intelligently provide the right offer or content at the right channel at the right time
  • Assess all potential next-best-actions you may take with a customer—make an offer, initiate a retention plan, open a service case, start a collections process—and ensure you choose exactly the right action
  • Provide your customers with a consistent experiences whether they are on the Web, a mobile app, in a store, or calling a contact center
  • Optimize every customer interaction for experience and value

Using a contextual next-best-action solution also allows you to continuously evolve a complete view of your customers. Use this enhanced profile as input into your predictive analytics to better anticipate customer preferences and enhance the customer experience. The result: relevant, consistent, and personalized conversations and interactions with customers across all channels.

Utilize Next-Best-Action to employ a balanced approach:

  • The balance is struck between what customers expect and what you are trying to achieve (and can afford) as a business.
  • To achieve this balance, the contextual next-best-action solution generates a customized business case for each customer–calculating a budget that is based on customer value.
  • With a budget set at appropriate spending thresholds, you make relevant and compelling offers to customers, but within practical and profitable limits.
  • Take into consideration additional factors such as risk thresholds, service level expectations, and operational considerations.

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