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Case Management for Customer Service

Pega's case management simplifies and automates the work of your customer service organization, so you can keep your promise to your customers. That's because Pega's case management software connects all the people and systems required to resolve each customer inquiry. It tracks related information, automates and assigns outstanding tasks, and connects all front- and back-office activity.

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Out of the box, Pega Customer Service contains dozens of pre-defined service requests such as address changes, transaction disputes, and scheduling activities. These service requests, or “case types,” drive the workflows that power the case management.

Through these automated best-practice service requests, you can directly integrate with your legacy case management software and back-end systems, solve customer issues in real-time—without transferring or calling back customers, and without passing service fulfillment to the back office. Rules and processes automatically resolve work wherever possible. That way, you deliver more efficient and effective service. Other capabilities, such as automatic correspondence and service request audit trails, minimize manual work and reduce time-consuming work transfers.

Pega's Directly Capture Objectives (DCO) visual tools capture every aspect of how work gets done—from process to user interfaces, rules, and integration. You can easily configure workflows using Pega's process modeler with simple drag and drop from a library of smart shapes. You can quickly add new service requests, automatically creating the infrastructure around them. That way, you can translate business requirements into finished applications without manual programming, reducing implementation time, and bridging the gap between technical and business resources.

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