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Orange Revolutionizes B2B Order Management with Pega

“The partnership with Pega is really key for us because we don't want to reinvent the wheel every time. We want Pega to bring us what is best in the world for process management technology, for process management new ideas, and allow us to be able to capitalize in the best practices around the world.” – Laurent Herr; VP Operation Support Systems, Orange

The Business Issue

Orange Business Services provides telecommunications services across 220 countries. Orange Business Services is responsible for building and managing networks for the B2B market. Ranked number one in the multinational Ethernet network market, Orange made the strategic decision to leverage Pega to manage the order-to-customer implementation process through a service provisioning application they refer to as SALTO.

The Solution

To streamline order management and provision telecommunication services, Orange used Pega to build SALTO, a French acronym that translates to mean “automatic system for technical offer delivery”. With Pega’s dynamic case management, Orange improved customer communication by 30 percent and decreased fallout tasks by 50 percent. Leveraging Pega’s intelligent routing and work automation, work is now routed to the most appropriate skilled worker 100% of the time and rework has dropped by half. Furthermore, Orange used Pega to consolidate 6 antiquated provisioning systems, drastically reducing maintenance costs.

The Results

  • 30% improvement in customer communication
  • 50% decrease in fallout tasks
  • 100% assurance work is done by the right person
  • 50% reduction in rework
  • 6 applications reduced to 1


The partnership with Pega is really key for us because we don't want to reinvent the wheel every time. So we want Pega to bring us what is best in the world for process management technology, for process management, new ideas, and allow us to be able to capitalize on the, you know, best practices around the world.

Orange Business Services is the division of the Orange Group in charge of the B2B market. For B2B market, you build networks. So this is very specific because you have to take into account all the specificity of the customer. You have to adapt your organization to the customer.

[Laurent] Orange Business Services is providing telecom services to all companies around the world. We are present in 220 countries.

The market in France is a very large install base with more than 300,000 sites.

SALTO is a French acronym. It means systeme automatise de livraison techniques des offres. That means automatic system for technical offer delivery. SALTO is the main tool to coordinate all the technical tools around field ops, for backbone, for equipment and devices ordering.

So SALTO is used from customer order to customer implementation. So it allows us to fulfill all the customer processes from the beginning to the end. So we can say that it's a first step to a full digitalization of our IT tools.

The SALTO tools allow us to bring more end-to-end visibility for our internal people, but as well for our external clients. With the SALTO tool, we were able to improve the customer communication by 30% and to decrease the throughout task by 50%.

SALTO allows us to distribute activity to the people with the most appropriate skills. It's a very efficient, new way of working for us.

So with this scale capability, we have 100% assurance that the work will be done by the right person.

[Bruno] Thanks to SALTO the rework has dropped drastically by 50%.

In the old system, we didn't have the opportunity to balance the activity to all the people. So for the customer it was sometimes a surprise depending on whom they were working with. With the new system, we used all the capability of the Pega system to have 100% availability for all customers.

Previously we had six old applications. And with the SALTO project we have been able to match all of them and replacing these six, you know, unmanageable applications by only one, which works perfectly.

For our design teams that design new offers, we use reusable processes, and we couldn't do that before. And by using this capability, we reduced by 20% the number of processes. And this is much simpler, much quicker, and much more efficient.

[Laurent] Over the time being we have deployed SALTO in France and it's really a success. And that's the reason why we have decided to deploy it everywhere.

[Narrator] Our world is constantly changing. Only Pega lets you build for change.


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