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Making Every Interaction Matter

Hear stories from communications service providers who are delivering value to their customers at every interaction. What do they have in common? They are engaging customers one-to-one using next best action approaches that personalize experiences, simplify retention, and deliver perfectly-timed offers.


I think Pega Next Best Action is amazing. I have longed for a system that means I can deliver personalized, targeted campaigns to my customers and do that proactively, so we're able to reach out to customers before they tell us they want to leave, and actually to do a better service experience for our customers as well.

We have delivered, since we started this process, more than 130 million messages, personalized messages, to our customer base, and today, we've got more than 20,000 sales reps that use Pega and the Next Best Action every day and more than 13,000 care reps, and most importantly, we have seen impressive results. So, when we compare a group of customers that has been exposed to Next-Best-Action versus a control group, we see a 50% increase in Net Promoter Score, and, ultimately, what matters, a 14% churn reduction in that same group, so, which is exactly what we wanted.

We're trying to kill the notion of campaign in Vodafone because campaign suggests something which is pre-planned. We want to very much move into a notion of having a conversation with a customer. We needed capability to be able to present the next best action for that customer at the point of interaction, whichever channel they surface in. We're a business which has lots of interaction points and lots of changes in state with a customer on a daily basis, and we were typically making decisions at best on what happened yesterday, and, honestly, from a customer experience perspective, that's not good enough. We need to be reacting to what's happened to the customer a minute ago, five seconds ago, you know, half a second ago.

We've tripled the number of NBA presentations that we've made to our customers, and we've quadrupled the number of successfully accepted offers. 90% of the offers that we sell in our service transactions are from our top three recommendations. If our agents sell a top three offer, there's four and a half percent less churn off their offer than if they just sold it randomly and not driven through the tool, and per transaction, we drive an extra four pounds of value for EE.

With Pega Marketing, we have an increase of conversion rates in all of our operations. For example, in our serve to sale operation, we have an increase of 38% on conversion rates and 12% increase on the average revenue per user.

But it's not how much data you have, it's what you do with it that matters. So, we feed all of this data into our centralized Pega brain. We call it our customer DNA, and that's where we get the ability to create personalized experiences that we can use across care, marketing, recommendations, and much more. Pega enables frictionless experiences and drives personalization, two things that our consumers absolutely demand.


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