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8 ways youve interacted with tech

8 Ways you’ve interacted with Pega technology – without realizing it

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Pega powers the businesses, organizations, and service providers that you interact with every single day. Since Pega helps leading organizations automate and optimize their processes -- including customer engagement, customer service, onboarding, and daily operations -- you likely won’t even notice when you're interacting with our technology.

However, our low-code platform helps clients around the globe work smarter and more efficiently so they can deliver better outcomes to their customers, all while increasing the bottom line. If you’ve done one of these eight things, you’ve likely used Pega technology, without even knowing it:

1. Interacting with a customer service representative

When you call a customer support line, there’s a chance the representative may be using Pega technology to improve your experience. T-Mobile call centers use Pega technology to equip agents with all the relevant customer data and insights they need to resolve issues effectively. By implementing next-best-action (NBA) capabilities into call centers, T-Mobile agents provide customers with personalized and contextually relevant content and offers.

“One of my favorite quotes from a customer that we listened to on an NBA call was at the end of it, the customer said, ‘I feel like T-Mobile knows me.’ And that is essentially what we want.”

HM Health Solutions uses Pega for many purposes. Their customer service departments use Pega Customer Decision Hub™ to access member insights during calls, guide conversations between members and customer service advocates, coordinate back-end action items, and send relevant follow-ups. For example, Customer Decision Hub may alert an advocate that a member is eligible for enrollment in a wellness product, provide scripted dialogue for the advocate to use, and allow the advocate to easily create an action in an outbound queue for a wellness coach to reach out to the member.

Blue Shield of California, a non-profit health plan, implemented a next-best-action configuration with Pega Customer Decision Hub to proactively anticipate customer needs. They also use Pega to better understand their members:

“When a member calls us, we pull information from multiple sources to present a three-sixty view about our members, provide a timeline of member contact history, and use Pega’s pre-configured guided workflows to answer the member’s question.”

2. Receiving digital communications from a brand

If you’ve ever received an email, notification, or alert from a business, Pega might’ve been involved in the process. Achmea, the largest insurance company in the Netherlands, used Pega to unify their inbound, outbound, owned, and paid channels. Achmea relies on Pega Customer Decision Hub to drive next best action interactions with their customers across 11 different channels.

SiriusXM, a leading audio entertainment company, originally implemented Pega in the call center to drive dynamic scripting and present offers based on the likelihood of acceptance and average monthly revenue generated. SiriusXM now integrates Pega across a variety of channels, including web, chat, text message, and interactive voice response, so customers get a more connected experience.

Universal Orlando built a digital messaging platform powered by Pega. When guests book a trip, they receive an SMS number that allows them to communicate with Universal’s customer service department. Through the digital platform, guests can use SMS to change their travel plans, book a restaurant reservation, or request a room change.

3. Sending an email to a business

Many businesses use Pega Email Bot and Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities to triage and automatically respond to customer emails. For example, Aflac, a supplemental insurance provider with over 50 million customers, leverages its Pega Customer Service™ application to automate processing of over 3,000 emails a week. Pega helps Aflac automatically classify and assign emails to cases and respond to less complex inquiries.

Unum is an insurance provider protecting 38 million workers and their families. The 150 agents in Ask Unum (Unum’s U.S.-based contact center operational team) often had to manually triage emails. However, Pega NLP now analyzes email messages and carries out topic classification across Unum’s CRM system, reducing response times by 50%.

4. Applying for a loan

Many financial service providers use Pega to automate and optimize various parts of the credit and loan application process. Toyota Finance Australia partnered with Pega to build a core, end-to-end loan origination platform known as Quantum:

“One of the first initiatives we launched on Quantum was e-sign, eliminating the need for customers to physically sign documentation within the dealership … Current e-sign usage is at 70%, which equates to significant efficiency savings, with the takeout time from application through to settlement reduced from four days to just three hours.”

First Tech Federal Credit Union uses Pega to unify channels and capture and resolve member requests. They converted over 100 manual service forms into automated workflows that pre-populate with member data and eliminate manual input errors.

ALFAM, a large consumer credit provider in the Netherlands, uses Pega decisioning to manage the consumer credit cycle and create risk decision services. For example, in the credit acquisition stage, ALFAM uses Pega to run affordability calculations, augmented with their own policy rules and risk models, and make decisions on loan applications.

5. Filing an insurance claim

Cigna, a global health services company with over 180 million customer and patient relationships, has partnered with Pega for claims processing capabilities for nearly a decade. In response to the Transparency Initiative in the No Surprise Act, Cigna recently created a new business capability, aligned with how they already process claims, that allows customers to see the cost for services before the services are provided.

QBE is a leading international insurer with thousands of policyholders across 140 countries. Pega helped QBE European Operations deploy approximately 150 bots that automate routine tasks, including reading and extracting data from documents, opening and filing emails, and performing calculations. With this solution, QBE EO processes 30,000 claims tasks in a week.

6. Using a business’ mobile app

Many Pega clients use our technology to engage with customers on a variety of channels, including mobile applications. For example, Wells Fargo, the fourth largest bank in the world, uses Pega Customer Decision Hub to deliver next-best-conversations constantly through their mobile app, retail branches, contact center, and other outbound channels.

One in three Australians call Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) their main financial institution. CBA’s Customer Engagement Engine, created with Pega Customer Decision Hub, suggests and personalizes the next best conversation for customers on the mobile app (along with other channels). The app also sends relevant alerts to its 5.6 million active users:

“During the last twelve months alone, we sent over 20 million alerts to our customers to help them avoid fees and charges.”

7. Booking a trip

If you’ve recently booked a trip or flown on an airline, you’ve probably experienced the benefits of Pega technology. Air Europa, one of Spain’s largest airlines, manages every step of the passenger journey, from bookings to baggage claims, with Pega. Air Europa also provides next-best-action recommendations to customer service agents, so they can react to passenger needs in real time. has focused on implementing Pega Cloud™ and Pega Customer Service. They use Pega to build guided workflows, simplify processes, and make it easier for agents to support customers. also plans to implement email and chat functionalities with Pega.

Transavia, a member of the Air France KLM group that flies to over 100 destinations, uses Pega to deliver best-in-class, proactive, and personalized digital services to customers. Transavia also uses Pega to improve self-service solutions, automate flight claims, and increase relevancy of sales offers in transactional notifications.

8. Filling out the 2020 United States Census

Pega powered the technology behind the data collection for the 2020 U.S. Census Bureau, making the experience primarily digital for the first time. Pega connected over 50 systems, ran the online web interface, provided the automation heart for data collection, and managed assignments for workers in the field. Some of the project successes include: one of the highest self-response rates ever, zero system downtime, and 90% completion a full six weeks before the deadline.

Our flexible, agile software lets organizations adapt to change quickly and unify their experiences. How you interact with our technology in your everyday life will continue to evolve as Pega, our clients, and our partners continuously find new ways to crush business complexity.

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