Pega Machine Health

Don’t React to Failure – Prevent It!

The high cost of failures and repairs – and the impacts of asset downtime – are issues that keep everyone awake at night. Things break. Parts wear out. Components fail. And when they do, it’s a scramble to fix them – and in the meantime, progress and productivity grind to a halt.

The alternative has long been to schedule Preventive Maintenance, where design and operations engineers suggest maintenance windows, and then systems are taken off-line, whether or not it’s truly necessary. Not only is this wasteful by performing maintenance when it’s not needed, but things break anyway. How often should you really change the motor oil?

The solution to optimizing system performance is in performing maintenance just in time: predict failures by measuring and characterizing the environment and conditions of parts, assemblies and systems in real-time and prescribe the right action when it’s needed. This is the holy grail of systems maintenance – fix it just before it’s going to fail.

This real-time prescriptive maintenance was a pipe-dream, until Pega brought together sensors, event-streaming, in-memory databases and real-time analytics, and combined them with decisioning and event orchestration. Now, in one unified environment, Pega captures and triages sensor data, combines it with other event or reference information, recommends the right action and orchestrates the outcomes – enabling managers to prevent failures. With Pega, service engineers can proactively dispatch the technician and make the fix — before the end-customer is even aware there is a problem.

Keep it Running with Pega

Pega Machine Health enables organizations to proactively optimize the cost and duty-cycle of devices and systems. Leveraging Pega's Decision Hub™ and Dynamic Case Management™, Pega maximizes the operational performance envelope by sensing conditions, analyzing and prescribing the next best action for prevention or repair, and even issuing automatic updates of embedded software. Pega makes all the proper notifications and even manages exceptions and escalations.

Pega Machine Health

With Pega, you have real-time prescriptive maintenance, delivered end-to-end through fully digitized processes. Key features and capabilities include:

  • Gather telemetry and monitor events from any source which detect conditions that can indicate a failure or the potential for failure.
  • Examine event streams in real-time to determine causal conditions.
  • Apply statistical functions and tests in-line as events occur. Pega can import your analytical functions from any standard toolset, including R, SAS, SPSS and Minitab.
  • Select the strategy that represents the highest statistical probability of success using Pega Decision Strategy Manager™.
  • Orchestrate actions to achieve the desired outcomes using Dynamic Case Management™.
  • Pega Aftermarket and Pega Customer Service

    You can naturally extend the power of Pega Machine Health with the capabilities of the Pega Aftermarket Service suite.

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