Pega Marketing for Insurance

 Personalize your customer interactions with
Pega Marketing for Insurance


Drive personalized, relevant marketing interactions to convert prospects and to cross-sell and upsell existing policyholders.


Engage in seamless, one-on-one, omni-channel conversations with policyholders and producers without losing context.


Pega’s scalable marketing automation platform lets your team manage all of your inbound and outbound marketing programs with one set of strategies, offers, and rules.
 Maximize value with

Next Best Action

Adopt a more customer-centric approach to marketing—one that moves beyond rote outbound offers and evolves your marketing to address the needs and concerns of each prospect or customer. Pega uses next-best-action analytics to guide and optimize every customer interaction in real time.
 Make better decisions with

The Customer Decision Hub

Address the needs of demanding customers with dynamic decision support. Pega’s Customer Decision Hub is a marketing nerve center that delivers predictive, real-time marketing intelligence to improve outcomes.

Optimize the Customer Journey

Constantly improve your understanding of your customers, through every interaction. Pega helps you make the best offers, orchestrate the right actions, and use the best channel at the right time.
 Trigger actions with


Make your marketing relevant and specific to the moment. With Pega Geofencing you can alert customers to special offers, provide personalized marketing messages, suggest services minutes away, and let customers know that support is nearby.
 Engage customers with

A Personalized Digital Experience

Serve personalized content and deliver the most relevant offers to your customers through customized microsites and landing pages.

Additional Product Features

Design, build, and execute your marketing strategies all in one place for faster, better decisions.
Simulate and visualize how key adjustments in marketing tactics can lead to more optimal outcomes.
Keep a finger on the pulse of your marketing efforts with marketing dashboards.
Test customer strategies and manage revisions with state-of-the-art approval process management.
Next-Best-Action Advisor offers a 360-degree customer view and the best contextual recommendations.
Orchestrate proactive marketing treatments to drive inbound engagements.
Empower local marketers to configure and run customized marketing with reusable corporate assets.
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