Product Composer System for Healthcare

Drive product innovation that responds to your customers with
Product Composer System for Healthcare
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Ignite innovation and bring leading healthcare products to market. Pega provides transformative capabilities needed in today’s retail healthcare markets so you can deliver your vision, unrestrained.


Implement new products rapidly and reliably with reusable product and benefit components. Easily define and manage product business rules to maintain high-performing, compliant operations.


Maintain products throughout their lifecycle. Accelerate your response to changing market and customer conditions across your organization while ensuring compliance and the ability to service what you sell.
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Lifecycle Management

With Product Composer System (PCS), you can manage your products and benefits through their entire lifecycle in a centralized product repository. Ensure regulatory compliance and track change from ideation to implementation, production to retirement.
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Reusable Components

Implement compliance updates faster than with a traditional configuration and build standard products more rapidly. PCS also helps you increase the accuracy of your sales and service inquiries and reduce the number of plans you have to manage.
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Personalized Health Products

Meet consumer demands for a “plan of one” and create customized group plans for your valued customers. PCS rules allow flexibility at the policy level, making it easy to construct personalized benefit plans.
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One Source, One Solution

With PCS as your single product repository, you see which products and benefits are performing and which aren’t. Exchange information between users, channels, and devices enterprise-wide, and with legacy and third-party systems, including Health Insurance Exchange Markets and claim engines.
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On Premise or On Cloud

With Pega, you can create a product catalog that reflects your business while supporting HIPAA compliance. Choose traditional on-premise deployments or Pega’s cloud platform, with turnkey service providing immediate access to create, test, deploy, and manage applications.
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Additional Product Information

Create new focus in the health retail experience and engage sales in your competitive products.
Accurate benefit determinations adjudicate your claims correctly and efficiently the first time.
Provide accurate benefit and plan information for every inquiry for superior customer service.
Comprehensive Audit Trail
PCS automatically tracks product and benefit changes, providing insight and transparency.
SLA-Driven Approval Process
Implement better quality management and require every product to be reviewed and approved.
Role-Based Access
Easily control access with configurable roles and privileges.
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