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Case Study

The State of Maine Embraces the Pega Cloud to Optimize Citizen Services

The State of Maine transformed their citizen services with Pega. | 4:15

The Challenge

The State of Maine serves 1.3 million residents that rely on services from the state’s 14 government agencies, which employ more than 13,000 workers. Hampered by redundant systems that created paper-based processes, the State of Maine needed to transform and digitalize its key processes to continue to provide the level of outstanding citizen service for which they are known.

The Solution

The State of Maine chose the Pega Platform to transform citizen services. Maine strategically predicated its transformation project on the Pega Cloud. Using the cloud, Maine increased development productivity up to 90% and has enabled them to stand-up system environments in hours versus months. Furthermore, with Pega, time-to-market for business applications has shrunk from years to hours and empowered them to create the concept of the “40 Hour Application”.

The Results

  • Improved work efficiency from 40 days to 4 hours
  • Increased development productivity up to 90%
  • Reduced time-to-market from years to hours
  • Reduced system set-up time from months to hours
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