Case Study

Nissha: Transforming business with shorter time to market

"When you’re selling to an OEM then you have a tier one in between you and your direct customer, it becomes ‘how do you manage that supply chain?’ …Pega has helped us because we’ve been able to link all three within one system."

– Michael Kozbial, Director Automotive Sales, Nissha USA


  • Simplified complicated sales process
  • Streamlined program management of customer sales initiatives
  • Deployed sales automation application in 12 weeks

The Business Issue

Nissha is a make-to-order discrete manufacturer with a complicated sales cycle and supply chain. The organization is dependent on a fixed number of customers in a competitive automotive components and parts market. To enable sustained growth, they focused on operational excellence by standardizing the complex sales process across original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and vendors. To achieve this goal, Nissha’s sales team needed more than email and hand-written notes to manage sales opportunities.

The Solution

Nissha deployed Pega Sales Automation to its consumer product sales team based in Detroit to program manage their B2B sales initiatives with their upstream customers. The company chose Pega because of its flexibility, global scalability, in-house development capabilities, and ability to be fully deployed in 12 weeks.

The Results

By standardizing the complex sales process across OEMs and vendors, Nissha was able to support the delivery of quotes, design samples, and engineering studies for business today and in the future.

  • Strategic project planning projections increased from 36 to 60 months in advance
  • Real-time sharing of information between Nissha facilities
  • Reduced sales onboarding time by 50%
  • Manufacturing & High Technology
  • Sales Automation
Nissha uses Pega to transform sales | 41:02

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