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Great American Insurance: Transforming the customer experience

CSRs share their experiences. | 48:21


  • Needed to focus its service to policyholders, but current call center operations were inefficient
  • Automated time-consuming processes and provided information to make calls more personable
  • Transformed the customer experience in 14 weeks

The Business Issue

Traditionally centered on servicing distribution partners, Great American Insurance Group (GAIG) needed to improve servicing policyholders. Having 500,000 policy holders supported by the Annuity Group's 60 CSRs and 6 managers, the call center received over 10,000 calls per week and had to overcome hurdles with every call.

CSRs took minutes to locate policyholder information, often navigating across 2 systems and 4 screens to find the case history and interactions. An address change required access of up to 10 systems and required rekeying and verifications. GAIG also couldn’t derive insights such as knowing why their customers were calling.

The Solution

GAIG embarked on an agile approach to streamline the CSR processes and improve the call experience. The insurer integrated Pega Customer Service with internal systems and automated manual and time-consuming processes such as address change and form requests. GAIG deployed robots to retrieve specific information from policy admin systems. By deploying a dashboard on call volume and team member availability, GAIG managers could track trends and identify opportunities for improvements.

The Results

  • A 14-week initial implementation from start to production
  • 50% reduction in time to process address changes and forms requests
  • More efficient and accurate decisions based on robotic links and call pops
  • Personalization of conversations based on a single snapshot of a client’s profile
  • New insights on customers such as "Why are they calling?" and "How satisfied are they with our service?”
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