Case Study

EE Quadruples Successful Offers to Customers

EE quadruples successful offers to customers. | 3:26

The Business Issue

EE was looking for a way to increase revenue per customer and improve retention, and they wanted to improve the relevancy of marketing and retention offers across all channels. But since they had multiple systems across all channels (agents, retail stores, and digital) they had no way of creating consistent or compelling offers. Customers received different offers in different channels, and the offers were not personalized or aligned to the business value of the customer.

The Solution

EE relies on Pega Marketing for Communications to determine the optimal offer strategy for each customer. Real-time context is combined with big data and analytics to create and present 1:1 offers across multiple channels. These offers uniquely balance customer needs with the customer value to EE.

The Results

  • 200% increase in the number of offers presented
  • 300% increase in the number of offers accepted
  • 62% increase in revenue from cross-sell/upsell
  • 5% increase in net promoter score
  • New offers can be made available in two days instead of weeks
  • Communications Service Providers
  • Marketing

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