Case Study

ACSO: Ending the cycle of crime


  • One unified client management system
  • Scalable, efficient workflows—built without code
  • Personalized service for each of ACSO’s diverse clients

The Business Issue

ACSO’s mission is simple: work with offenders in their transition out of prison, provide them assistance, and prevent them from re-offending. The Australian social services company believes the prison system’s burden should not prevent offenders from going on to live great lives.

The services ACSO provides support tens of thousands of clients, involve around 2,000 partner agencies, are subject to federal, state, and local policies, and are 100% government-funded. In this highly complex environment, streamlined, self-sufficient service processes are difficult to achieve.

ACSO needed to transition from its legacy systems to a solution that could scale with its growth, support the many needs of its diverse clients, and transform alongside ever-changing policies.

The Solution

With the Pega Platform, ACSO built OSCA, the first NGO client management system of its kind in Australia. OSCA has a secure centralized data system, meaning each client, on intake, tells their story only once. OSCA provides multiple agencies with a single view of each client, and key information is displayed on one screen in a new, simplified UI. Partners can access and update client information instantly, meaning no delays in service. Features like calendars with real-time booking and automated reminders ensure that clients are less likely to miss appointments.

OSCA encompasses case, client, and business process management in one application. Efficient workflows are built without code, and rules can be changed alongside evolving policies. This unified system allows ACSO’s operations to scale as the organization grows—allowing more clients benefit to from its services.

The Results

The OSCA client management system, built on the Pega Platform, has revolutionized the way ACSO and its partner agencies view and work with client data, featuring:

  • One secure, centralized data system
  • Real-time access and updates to client records
  • A simplified UI with client and organization-level views
  • Government
  • Platform
See how ACSO is innovating community safety | 2:16

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