Customer Retention Management

Maximize revenue with superior customer retention management.

In a highly competitive business environment where customer acquisition costs continue to rise, effective strategies for customer retention are essential to profitability. By focusing on providing exceptional customer experiences and increasing customer value, customer retention management can help to keep the customers you have fought so hard to win and maximize the revenue you derive from those relationships.

To support your customer retention management efforts, Pega provides a market-leading customer relation management solution that combines sophisticated predictive and adaptive analytics, real-time decisioning and a guided user experience to help improve retention and drive incremental revenue.


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Customer retention management with Pega.

Pega provides Global 2000 companies with a leading enterprise CRM system as well as strategic applications for sales, marketing and operations. Pega technology helps organizations connect with customers in real time across channels, streamline business operations for greater profitability, and adapt to ever-changing technology, opportunities and customer expectations.

Built on the industry-leading Pega 7 platform, Pega's CRM software solution provides everything you need to retain customers more effectively. From business process management to case management and decisioning, Pega delivers a unified platform that integrates, automates and streamlines all the processes required for superior customer retention management.

Comprehensive capabilities for customer retention management.

With Pega you can:

  • Personalize the customer experience. Pega's customer analytics enable marketers to easily personalize communications and offers for the needs and context of each customer. Pega's Next-Best-Action technology anticipates customer needs in real time based on business context and customer data points, and intelligently provides the right offer or content on the right channel at the right time.
  • Begin customer retention management at the moment of acquisition. Many companies start retention efforts as customers show signs of leaving. But retaining customers is easier when customers never become dissatisfied in the first place. Pega Onboarding solutions ensure that the customer experience is consistently exceptional from day one, while Pega Customer Service enables you to provide omni-channel service with intelligent guidance that delivers a satisfying, efficient and accurate service experience every time.
  • Identify your highest-value customers. Not all customers are created equal and your retention efforts should be focused on the customers that represent the greatest value. Using predictive analytics and leveraging big data and historical data, Pega combines real-time decisioning with guided interaction to present a specific retention budget and the most appropriate basket of offers for each customer at any given moment.

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