Customer Onboarding Software

Increase revenue with the right customer onboarding software.

Your customer onboarding process can be a significant competitive differentiator. Whether you’re enrolling a new customer or adding products and services for a current client, the way you execute onboarding can enhance the customer relationship, build loyalty and promote retention. Conversely when you mishandle customer onboarding, you may lose the potential for additional sales, damage your reputation and ultimately lower customer lifetime value.

Pega Sales and Customer Onboarding software enables you to automate onboarding end-to-end, incorporating best practices and refining define the process to deliver an exceptional customer experience every time.


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Customer onboarding software from Pega.

Pega offers the industry’s most advanced and automated software. Integrating work automation, data management and business rules, Pega’s onboarding software significantly increases the efficiency of the onboarding process while improving the experience for customers.

From point-of-sale to the back office, Pega’s customer onboarding software streamlines onboarding, due diligence, account setup, and client/account maintenance processes. By automating rules to guide sales, relationship managers, legal, compliance and client representatives, Pega’s onboarding system ensures compliance and delivers faster time to revenue.

With Pega, your sales and client relationship associates will always have the best information about the client, including detailed knowledge of history and context, and be armed with the most appropriate offers, products and cross-sell opportunities, enabling them to build stronger customer relationships and to maximize revenue from each customer.

Capabilities of Pega’s customer onboarding software

With Pega you can:

  • Optimize the customer experience. Provide customers with an efficient and productive experience by using intelligent processes to guide relationship managers and client service teams through each step.
  • Manage compliance. Automatically apply due diligence procedures in real-time to account for specific regulations and other business-defined criteria.
  • Automate processes. Enhance productivity by eliminating manual activities and enabling staff to focus more time on meeting the needs of customers and prospects.
  • Reduce complexity. Configure and adjust all steps of the onboarding process, including lead assignments, routing and territory assignments.
  • Provide omni-channel service. Engage customers on any channel and seamlessly transition across channels without losing context.
  • Maximize agility. Give business users the power to create and modify rules and processes without the need for coding or intervention from IT.
  • Minimize implementation time. Pega customer onboarding software can be deployed quickly without coding, running on the cloud or on-premise.

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