Customer Onboarding

Make customer onboarding a competitive advantage.

The way you handle customer onboarding creates a lasting impression. Whether you’re onboarding a new client or onboarding new products and services for an existing customer, a superior process can add value and longevity to the client relationship, while a poor onboarding process can damage reputation, deter additional sales and reduce the customer lifetime value.

Pega sales and onboarding software is one the most advanced and automated client relationship management applications on the market today. Instead of relying on ad hoc processes, Pega’s software uses best practices and intelligent guides to automate customer onboarding, product configuration, ordering, fulfillment and enrollment processes.


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Pega Sales Automation vs. Salesforce Sales Cloud

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Superior customer onboarding with Pega

Pega is the only globally scalable, unified solution for customer lifecycle management. Combining work automation, business rules and data management & integration technology, this innovative customer onboarding software dramatically reduces time to revenue while ensuring compliance with global and local regulation.

With Pega customer onboarding technology, your sales reps and client relationship managers will always be armed with the most appropriate products, customer-specific offers and relevant information, enabling them to become trusted advisers and to build long-term customer relationships.

Pega customer onboarding software enables you to:

  • Minimize complexity. Easily configure and adjust all aspects of process, including lead assignments, routing and multi-tiered territory assignments. Create product- and compliance-related rules without requiring help from IT.
  • Improve productivity. Automate customer onboarding processes and eliminate manual activities to give staff more time to focus on prospects and meeting customer needs.
  • Ensure compliance. Meet complex regulatory requirements that are specific to geography, products and line of business, with the ability to manage, change and extend as rules change.
  • Adapt rapidly. Quickly respond to market and regulatory changes through fast and simple updates on the Pega 7 platform.
  • Engage across channels. Provide exceptional customer interactions that seamlessly transition across channels without losing context, and that can accommodate any mix of devices including phone calls, mobile apps, live chat, co-browse or Web self-service.
  • Reduce implementation time. Pega customer onboarding software can be deployed and run on the cloud or on-premise without coding, minimizing implementation time and risk.
  • Accelerate time to revenue. Reduce time to revenue by as much as 70% by streamlining and fully orchestrating activities.

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