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Telecom order management

Order management is important to the success of any business but is especially critical for telecom providers. Telecom order management is operationally complex, often entailing dozens of sub-processes that involve multiple systems, departments, and partner organizations. The complexities of telecom order management are compounded when providers sell to the enterprise market where orders may be highly customized and multifaceted.

Despite the challenges of telecom order management, providers must get it right if they are to thrive in today’s increasingly competitive telecom market. Order management processes impact providers’ business prospects in a variety of ways:

How Sprint reduced churn by 10%

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How sprint is revolutionizing the customer experience

Hear how a data-driven, next-best-action approach helped Sprint forge better customer relationships and increase customer retention.

Orange revolutionizes B2B order management with Pega

With Pega’s dynamic case management, Orange improved customer communication by 30 percent and decreased fallout tasks by 50 percent.


AI and improving the customer experience

“Artificial Intelligence” (AI) presents both distracting hype and powerful opportunities to drive customer engagement.

  • Order management processes are a major operating cost and potentially an area for significant efficiency improvements and savings.
  • Because order fallout can result in lost sales and lost customers, the effectiveness of order management processes directly impacts revenues.
  • New customers’ first impressions of a provider are shaped by whether the provider is able to fulfill orders in a timely and accurate manner.
  • Depending on how they are implemented, telecom order management processes can either impede or facilitate a provider’s ability to roll out new products or services.


Some of the world’s largest and most innovative communications service providers use Pega technology to meet the challenges of telecom order management and strengthen their position in the marketplace.

The Pega solution for telecom order management

Pegasystems is the leading provider of intelligent business process management (iBPM) technology that enables organizations to model, automate, monitor, and optimize their core operational processes. Pega Order Management is built on top of our unified BPM platform to deliver:

  • End-to-end intelligent automation of the entire telecom order management lifecycle, from offers to quoting to order capture and order fulfillment orchestration—resulting in lower costs, faster order cycles, and dramatically reduced fallout rates.
  • Support for complex business rules governing multi-component orders, encompassing factors such as compatibility, dependency, eligibility, availability, serviceability, and fulfillment sequencing.
  • Complete visibility across the entire order fulfillment system, as well as the ability to drill down to see the current status of individual orders and how relevant sub-processes are impacting the status.
  • Predictive and adaptive analytics to power real-time marketing automation that delivers the right offer to the right customer at the right time—boosting offer acceptance rates and supporting proactive churn management strategies.

Telecom order management that’s built for change

In today’s fluid telecom market, the providers who prevail will be those who can adapt quickly—or better yet, innovate and lead. Pega’s unique Build for Change® technology delivers the ultimate in business agility by empowering business users to create new rules, processes, and applications, without any coding. With Pega as your unified platform, you can easily change your order management processes to support the rollout of new products and offers that give your business a leg up on the competition.

For more information on telecom order management

Learn more about how your telecom order management processes will benefit from Pega technology.

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