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Make email work for you

The average person takes over a minute to recover from one email. Multiply that with the never-ending stream your organization receives, and well, that’s a lot of time – and a lot of room for savings. Employees and customers each suffer from the pain email can inflict. Imagine if you could give your employees an email assistant that could read, route, and respond to email so they can focus on more pressing matters? What if your customers enjoyed prompt personalized service instead of waiting in email limbo?

Beyond “automated” replies to real response

Routing email is a great start but why stop there? Tools that auto-respond? Are you trying to turn off customers? Pega’s Email Bot does the heavy lifting for you. It automatically detects the intent of the email, picks up relevant information (like an account number), and automates the processing and response - And not just with an “automated” reply that feels impersonal.

Your Email Bot:

  • Understands human: Emails don’t need to come through in a pre-defined format. Your assistant is smart enough to understand intent, context, and automatically map vital information regardless of how long or unstructured a message may be.
  • Gets real work done: Whether it’s changing an address, requesting a new card, or entering additional information - your assistant acts as an extension of your team, relieving them of redundant and time-consuming task so they can focus on more important tasks.
  • Constantly learns: Every Email is captured and can easily be fed back into Pega’s machine learning algorithms to improve natural language processing until it’s ready to provide full self-service automation. This isn’t just an email processing tool – this is the backbone of an automated intelligent system.
  • Knows your users and spans channels: Pega’s assistant keeps context of the user’s journey including prior interactions and preferences. No matter how or where your users have chosen to interact before or after, rest assured that a consistent experience and service will be delivered through Email.

It’s easy to get caught up in the hype of new channels but good ole’ Email remains the single most used app in the organization – and it’s only growing. Your people have better things to do than check email all day and your customers deserve personalized experiences. Why not take care of both today?

NLP collects and populates cases with vital information from text and images.

Email Marketing


Artificial intelligence makes triaging extremely fast.

Intelligent Virtual Assistant


Group different email accounts for easy management.

Intelligent Virtual Assistant

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