Robotic Automation

Optimize how work gets done with
Robotic Automation
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Go beyond automation. Get insights and take action by uncovering blind spots and opportunities to leverage robotic automation and change how work gets done.


Rapid and non-invasive implementation allows enterprises to drive cost savings and productivity.


Enterprises can optimize workforces, processes, and technologies with automation that works independently.
Make data-informed decisions with

Workforce Intelligence

To make confident, data-driven decisions, you need insight. Until now, knowing where to start looking for opportunities to improve efficiencies has been a guessing game. Workforce Intelligence removes that guesswork.
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Robotic Desktop Automation (RDA)

Robotic Desktop Automation is designed to optimize the way your employees work by simplifying, automating, and integrating the technologies and processes on their desktops so they can get more work done faster.
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Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Thanks to a key capability within Pega’s industry leading BPM platform, enterprises no longer have to choose between automation vs. digital transformation. Pega RPA accelerates automation of high volume, repetitive tasks and bridges system and data integration gaps.
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Your Roadmap to Optimizing RPA

Gartner’s complimentary guide will position your RPA projects for success with a focus on improving business outcomes.

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