Case Study

Extended warranty provider improves productivity 42%

  • Legacy customer portal costly to maintain

  • New, customizable processes and interfaces improve efficiency

  • “Completed on 1st call” claims increased by 42%

“Pega offered significant value-add with their understanding of our IT and business requirements, their speed of delivery, and the ability of their solution to be built once and then customized for each of our unique customers.”

VP, Technology & Operations, Warranty Extended Warranty Provider

The Business Issue

This extended warranty provider delivers a unique branded service experience to OEM and retail customers through multiple channels and across the globe.

However, each time a new client or offering was added, the code base had to be replicated and modified, resulting in unsustainable maintenance costs. Transactions were handled manually by the Customer Service Representative (CSR), which impacted productivity, training costs, and service consistency.

When the company won a contract to service a large consumer goods manufacturer’s warranty claims, thousands of products, contracts, processing rules, and procedures had to be incorporated into the system along with a unique, branded user interface.

The Solution

The company turned to Pega for an automated system to save money and improve operational efficiency.

Pega’s team set up the development platform using Pega Cloud® and Situational Layer Cake™ technology to create a core set of processes, procedures, and user interfaces to add and adapt to meet each specific client’s needs.

The Pega Warranty™ solution met key business objectives, delivering improved customer experience and consistent results and settlements – customizing client applications, reducing ad-hoc processing, and adding self-service and multichannel capabilities.

System development took four months from proof of concept to client “go-live.” The platform supports global expansion and an unprecedented ability to extend product offerings.

The Results

Having met the new client contract requirements, the company initiated a broader rollout to include all customers, quickly on-boarding new clients while maintaining core rules, policies, and procedures to drive improved operational performance and lower costs. CSR’s praised the solution for its ease of use and intuitive process flow. Tangible results included:

  • Four months from proof of concept to customer “go-live”
  • 42% increase in productivity
  • 10-15% savings on CSR training costs
  • 10-20% reduction in average handle time

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