TCS: Simplifying and Automating Insurance Distribution Management with Pega

"Pega was the best fit technology from a solution perspective. We used the Pega's SFA framework and we did the mapping of the functionality of the agency management to what Pega SFA provides. There was virtually a one to one relationship between every functionality that SFA provides and what the agency management situation required"

– Ramesh Ramaswami, Transformation Partner, TCS

Today, leading insurers are seeking to address the challenges of digitalization. They need to redefine their value proposition to ensure they deliver fast, efficient service to agents and end-customers. Agent and customer retention is a major challenge faced by insurers globally. And, ease of doing business is an important factor influencing agent's choice of carriers.

In this video, TCS explores how they addressed the challenges for this global P&C carrier to create a sales agent desktop that was intuitive, scalable and "“"didn’t require training"”" to use.

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