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Learn how proactive, digital customer service delivers great customer experiences, cuts costs, and drives revenue

John Huehn,
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Our flagship conference, PegaWorld iNspire, has been transformed into a free virtual event, broadcasting right here on pega.com. Join us Tuesday, June 2, 2020 from 9:00 to 11:30 a.m. EDT for 2.5 hours of engaging, designed-for-digital content that will show you how your organization can transform your customer service in a fast-moving world, including how to:

  • Minimize cost-to-serve.
  • Activate digital service channels.
  • Easily process and fulfill higher service volumes.
  • Enable distributed service agents to be even more efficient.
  • Increase customer retention and loyalty, as well as employee satisfaction.

Manage volume, contain costs, and improve customer service with agile tech that can pivot and adapt quickly.

Customer service right now is under stress. Workforces are distributed. Contact volumes and hold times are up. And customer service teams are being asked to do it all. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, 80% of customers thought service took too long. Now wait times could be in hours. You need solutions right away that help you pivot to support your most immediate challenges and adapt to a new way of working while keeping costs under control. At PegaWorld iNspire, you’ll learn about digital tools that can help you manage volume, contain costs, and even improve your customer relationships.

Customer service is ultimately about a customers’ moment of need – and servicing that need. For decades, customer service meant “call center.” In the new era, customer engagement centers may use any number of smart digital channels like web self-service, chatbots, email, SMS, and IVR, and work alongside live agent channels to engage with customers contextually, resolve inquiries, and meet the customer’s needs. Learn how a single dashboard allows agents to track customer interaction history between chat, messaging applications, social media, and SMS and deliver world-class customer service. And with case management orchestrating workflows on the back end, see how you can deliver accurate information to your customers quickly and efficiently.

Smart, digital customer service channels use AI-based tools like natural language processing, predictive modeling, and real-time decisioning to understand the context of your customer’s inquiry and guide them to a solution. Even smarter, these same AI-based tools can use event and pattern detection to anticipate if your customer is likely to contact you in the near future – providing you with valuable insights that enable to you proactively engage with customers before they even need to reach out.

See how all of these capabilities can quickly enhance your existing customer service desktop and streamline work for cost-efficiency.

Learn how unified messaging and proactive, digital customer service can help you care for customers, support agents, reduce costs, and protect revenue. Check out our PegaWorld iNspire content and interactive opportunities.

We’ve packed into the event agenda dozens of client presentations, technology demos, live chat, and Q&As, including keynote presentations from Anna Gleiss of Siemens AG, Rich Gilbert of Aflac, plus Pega’s Alan Trefler, Kerim Akgonul, and Stephanie Louis. We’ve also built in one hour of time to choose and view micro-sessions on the topics most interesting to you. Click on the links below for more info on any topic.

Insights from Pega product teams

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Desktop mining, RPA, and low-code: A transformation trifecta

Insights from top brands

Lloyds Banking Group: Cloud migration and improving customer service

Using technology to radically reinvent claims processing at Anthem

Blue Shield of California: Digital transformation in the midst of a highly competitive market

Google Protects their Network Services Workforce with Metro Partition Solution

How UPC Switzerland is changing customer engagement with Pega

Genworth Financial’s change management: Managing the people side of change

iNnovation Hub Demos

Unified Messaging

Chatbots, Virtual Assistants, Agent Desktop

Email bot

AI & Machine Learning

Sales Automation


Service delivery for the next generation of cloud

Intro to Pega

Pega 101: Overview of Pega’s vision and technologies

Intro to Pega Customer Service

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About the Author

As General Manager of Pega Customer Service™ and Pega Sales Automation™, John Huehn drives the strategy and innovation that help some of the world’s largest brands connect with customers, streamline service, and optimize operations.