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Automate customer service

Make service effortless for everyone

by orchestrating every journey with AI and automation

Take the guesswork out of service. Pega Customer Service™ intelligently guides and seamlessly automates every journey, saving time and money – all while keeping your existing systems intact.
Email bot processed and responded to
of emails autonomously

The remaining 70% were accelerated with contextual insights.

See how Aflac did it
Automate work out of the contact center

Digital first self-service

Automate work out of the contact center

Help your customers help themselves with AI-powered self-service that resolves any simple to complex inquiry. Reduce customer effort and contact center volume with digital first solutions that seamlessly escalate to CSRs only when needed.

Embed Pega self-service workflow experiences in any web portal or mobile app

Turn any channel into a personalized self-service channel with virtual agents

Contain calls, reduce cost to serve, and improve the customer experience

AI-powered guidance

Make every agent your best agent

Give your agents an AI-powered copilot that understands your customers’ intents, dynamically guides agents, automates their work, and uses contextual insights to recommend next best actions. All to deliver faster, more personalized service experiences.

Improve agent onboarding, efficiency, and retention by guiding and automating their work

Empower agents to handle a broader range of inquiries and boost first contact resolution

Increase customer loyalty with more personalized service experiences

Make every agent your best agent
Elevance Health
point increase in Net Promoter Score

Elevance Health reduced busywork to focus on providing better service, in real time.

Check out the case study
Migrated 3 CRM systems to Pega in

​Athora was able to optimize the end-to-end workflow for each individual process.

Check out the case study
​​Transform service on your own terms​

Built for agility

​​Transform service on your own terms​

​​Reimagining service doesn’t mean starting over. Implement Pega AI and workflow automation into your existing service stack to accelerate resolutions, boost productivity, and automate service one workflow at a time. Stay agile by taking an incremental approach to service automation.

​Eliminate the need to make changes in multiple systems with our Center-out™ business architecture

​Automate service workflows in your existing desktop

​Accelerate time to value

See it in actionStreamlined self-service

Meet Nia

To keep her small business running, she relies on two things: strong coffee and fast internet.

Network disaster

Nia's WiFi goes down during a busy day. She opens up her internet provider's app, but can't find the info she needs.

See what's missing

Phone call frustration

Nia calls the provider's help line, only to wait on hold for 10 minutes, then repeat her issue to two different agents.

Time to say goodbye?

Every wasted moment hurts Nia's business. She's questioning whether this company is as reliable as she thought.

Without Pega


Customer outcomes

  • Longer wait times
  • Dissatisfaction
  • Reconsidering purchase

Business outcomes

  • Increased contact center backlog
  • Potential lost revenue
  • Higher churn rates

Meet Nia

To keep her small business running, she relies on two things: strong coffee and fast internet.

Proactive network help

Nia's WiFi goes down during a busy day. Moments later, she gets a helpful text from her internet provider.

It's not magic

Quick, easy solutions

Nia clicks on the link, logs into the provider's app, and follows some simple troubleshooting steps.

How this works

Hello, awesome service

Nia gets her network back up in less time than it takes to make an extra-frothy cappuccino. Pretty impressive.

With Pega


Customer outcomes

  • Faster resolution
  • Higher satisfaction
  • Increased loyalty

Business outcomes

  • Reduced contact center volume
  • Saved time & resources
  • Higher customer satisfaction

How can you streamline service with Pega?

A leader in CRM solutions

According to Forrester's trusted 35-criterion evaluation, Pega ranks as a leader.

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All powered by Pega Customer Service

Want to hear more about the tech driving these outcomes? It’s all here in our leading platform for AI-powered decisioning and workflow automation.


Check out our capabilities in action

Financial Services

​Guide agents with a complete understanding of the customer Pega Customer Service for Financial Services


​Reduce service costs and improve customer satisfaction Pega Customer Service for Insurance


Anticipate customer needs and personalize the customer experience Pega Customer Service for Communications


​Drive outcome-driven service and care experiences Pega Customer Service for Healthcare
Pega Care Management
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