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Customer Service

Proactive customer service done right

Customers really don’t want to call you. So anticipate their needs and solve problems proactively. And if they do reach out, wow them.

"We're able to predict that you're going to call…to provide you a resolution path before you need to actually contact us."

Be where your customers are

Today’s customers are raised on digital. They expect a frictionless experience regardless of channel or location. Trying to stay ahead of these digital demands may seem like an uphill battle. You need more than just a digital front-end – you need under-the-hood power to make the experience easy.

Pega supports your customers’ preferred method of communication – web, email, chat, SMS, or something that hasn’t even been invented yet. We carve out the digital pathways to help your customers connect and be on their way quickly. We mashup into channels so you don’t have to recode – and don’t build channel silos. We put the right experiences in front of your customers so they can get what they need when they need it. You reduce the cost of service while delivering better experiences. Win, win.

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Optimising the Customer Journey

Modern businesses try to script the “perfect” journey that gives frictionless, elegant experiences. But what happens when customers don’t follow the script?

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Intelligent guidance

Pega delivers exactly the right message, the right offer, and the right level of service to enhance customer experience.

Make service agents into service wizards

Customer service agents are often forced to hop across multiple applications to deliver basic service journeys. Disconnected applications and sticky notes create a slow and messy process. If your agents are frustrated, your customers are, too.

A unified desktop application gives agents the information they need. But information is just a start. Pega’s real-time AI gives agents a crystal ball. Instead of looking at piles of data, they are guided with the next best actions for each customer. And Pega’s powerful automation gives them a magic wand with the power to get things done. They cut through the tangle of systems and silos and deliver the outcomes your customers are after.

With Pega, your agents become wizards. And for your customers, that’s magic.

Be one step ahead

It’s all about your customers’ moment of need and enabling them to be in control of their destiny until their issue is resolved. Are you there to support them? Can you solve a problem before they feel the pain?

Brands that can are taking action. They’ve made frustrated calls a thing of the past. They sense moments of need and jump in to help – proactively. They predict overdrafts, stop dropped calls, and schedule maintenance before these issues create headaches for customers.

Pega deploys battle-tested AI that can scan millions of events in real time every second of the day. We give you the customer’s context: where they are, what they need, and why they need it.

Sensing is a start, but you have to take action. Pega gives you the power to automate the outcomes your customers want – on any channel. We cut through complexity to make the experience seamless, no matter how tangled your infrastructure may be.

You stay one step ahead. Your customer stays happy.

When great service isn’t actually great

Startling new research reveals an “expectation gap” between business leaders and customers.


Customer Case Studies

See how customers are using Pega Customer Service to deliver significant return on investment.
logo cisco

"We managed to reduce cost by a factor of four… and eliminated 93% of touches."

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logo talk talk

"We just reported our lowest ever churn, which is a real testament to how this is really starting to land and improve our customer experience."

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Predictive insight for the enterprise

Pega Customer Service

Intelligently guide customers to resolution, reduce the cost of service, and deliver outstanding experiences.


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