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Customer Journey Management

"With Pega, the longer you run, the more your adaptive models learn. From there you can build your triggers, your delays, and your real-time containers to determine what that customer’s journey should be."

Simon Jones Manager, Optus

The role of customer journey management

Your business spends major time and resources trying to optimize the customer journey. You want to understand your customer’s path to purchase; learn which channels and offers are most effective by stage; and understand where individuals get “stuck”, and drop off the grid completely.

You’re trying to build the perfect journey – to script out a seamless experience, and eliminate any disruption in the customer purchase process. The real challenge centers around the customer, not the workflow.

The problem with customer journey mapping

Today’s connected customer is empowered – they choose their own path. They interact with your brand on their own terms, flow across channels, shift preferences, and take unpredictable routes to a fluid destination.

They expect you to understand them, even as they advance along hundreds of possible paths at the same time. For this reason, brands that attempt to build rigid journeys quickly find that they’re scripting a journey to nowhere - everything breaks down when the customer does the unexpected.

A better approach to Customer Engagement

Pega enables a “dynamic” journey that flows with the customer – adapting in real-time, across your marketing, sales, and service programs:

Your organization will utilize Pega Marketing and its Customer Decision Hub to connect every channel and touchpoint - combining CRM information with Big Data sources from across the enterprise to acquire, retain, and grow your best customers.

Predictive intelligence & machine learning analytics

Pega integrates machine learning and predictive analytics right into the software. As the system gathers data, it “learns” and becomes more intelligent about how to interact with customers effectively – so every interaction is more likely to convert than the one before it.

Real-Time Next Best Actions

As you interact with a customer, the system is constantly re-calculating what the customer is likely to do, and the potential value of each action – so you can put the best offer, service option, educational package, or retention plan in front of them instantly – even as they change their minds, and move in a new direction.

Customer journey visualization

Pega’s visualization tools will show how customers interact with your brand during the journey - isolating key events and actions, defining stages, and analyzing customer flow between touchpoints. Even if customers don’t move in a straight line, you’ll visualize their path across every connected channel.

Strategy design for business users

As business or customer needs change, you need to quickly build and deploy new journey strategies – the Next Best Action Designer puts your business users in control, allowing them to design and maintain strategies from the top-down - with business language, rather than code.

At Pega, we know that the customer owns the journey – but it’s your job to enable an amazing experience. The connected customer is constantly changing – only Pega lets you build for change.

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