Pega Retail Advisor

Clienteling That Drives an Amazing In-Store Experience

Only 10% of organizations can move fast enough to optimize their customer’s experience. The other 90% are trying to make it happen – but they’re constantly stepping on their own toes.

Are you trying to build a great in-store experience? Good Luck! Online retailers like Amazon have made it impossible to compete, and consumers have zero incentive to leave the house – whether it’s about stores, banking, services, or showrooms – it’s easier to find what they need online.

But retail locations still have one huge advantage – people can touch and feel the physical product. The real thing – no pictures, no augmented reality. How does it look? How does it feel? Can I talk to an actual person about it? Someone knowledgeable? That’s enough to get them up and moving – if we can provide an experience that makes it easy.

With Pega Retail Advisor, you can give customers a REAL reason to leave the house – by providing a luxury experience that starts the second they walk into the store.

First, you’ll arm your employees with a clienteling application they can access from any tablet or mobile device – one that’s connected directly to Pega Marketing and it’s Customer Decision Hub. The app will have access to customer data from all your other channels – like the web, call-center, email, mobile, or social media.

With the customer looking over their shoulder, the employee will be able to look up customer accounts, schedule appointments, make product recommendations, check inventory, or execute service tasks – all from inside the mobile clienteling app.

And even if the individual doesn’t want to give their name, you can still personalize the experience – by asking them questions about what they want, so our AI can recommend what they need – then show it to them.

In-Store Experience? #TheStruggleIsReal. But with Pega Retail Advisor, your customers will want to come to the store – and you’ll use a world-class AI to blow their minds, when they do.

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