Customer Service

Web and Mobile Mashup

Pega Customer Service is more than a contact center desktop application. You can embed Pega's user interface components directly into your existing web and mobile applications, to take advantage of Pega's built-in service requests and case management capabilities. That way, you can deliver a consistent customer experience across your channels, without needing to make process changes in multiple places.

Build for Change: Mashup | 2:25

You invest time and energy into defining your customer experience—the processes, the workflows, the steps required to service each customer inquiry. To deliver this end-to-end experience across all channels is challenging to implement.

Because mashups let you embed and reuse components, they have become the dominant architecture of the modern web. Pega Mashup lets you put Pega's responsive user interface directly into your Web site or mobile app. You bring the intelligence of our Case Management directly to the customer touchpoint, instead of hard-coding logic into each channel independently. That way you can embed and reuse the same processes, case management, and decisioning across all channels. You can even brand the Pega interface to blend into your existing look and feel.

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Customer Service
Customer Service
Customer Engagement