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Grow & change with Pega mashup technology

Customers hate dead ends, and so do we. This is why we Pega mashup technology offers true end-to-end consistency, for every process change, at every point of contact.

In today’s omni-channel ecosystem, even the smallest changes to processes, workflows, or case management steps on one platform can cause major snafus to another. Re-coding channel by channel is not only inefficient, but it also leaves room for the kind of inconsistencies that lead to a choppy, frustrating customer journey.

Forward-moving businesses don’t constantly rebuild: they reuse.

Avoid the redundancy of updating each channel piecemeal by embedding your processes. Using the power of Pega’s responsive UI, Pega mashup technology keeps your website and mobile app in sync, even as things change.

Inconsistencies chip away at customer confidence. Frictionless experiences build loyalty.

Keep customer processes current and vital across all channels with adaptable architecture that seamlessly implements changes: quickly, easily, and globally. Pega UI blends into your branding for a continuous, consistent omni-channel experience.

Marketing, sales and service processes. Mobile and web. Year after year. You keep creating products and services your customers love, and we’ll keep helping you deliver it in the best ways, at every customer touchpoint. Watch the video to see how it works.


[Narrator] This is your customer. You want to anticipate her needs and make her experience frictionless. Using Pega case management, you can build the simplified processes, immediate fulfillment, and transparency this demands. But you need to deliver this end-to-end experience on all channels, like mobile and the Web. To do this, you could code the experience directly into the channel and use APIs to connect your processes. This requires lots of redundant work, especially if your process has multiple steps or must adapt in real time to information about the user. You are effectively rewriting the process in the channel. Future changes must be duplicated into the channel as well, which is costly and slow. It's hard to get and keep all the service processes current.

So instead of an end-to-end experience, you create a dead end that leaves your customer trapped and frustrated. And trying to do this across multiple channels only compounds the problem. Enter mash-up. Mash-ups are the dominant architecture of the modern Web. Developers use mash-ups to embed YouTube videos, Google Maps, or ads from Amazon into their web pages. The Pega mash-up lets you put Pega's responsive UI and all the power behind it directly into your website or mobile app. Rather than rebuilding in each channel, you are embedding and reusing the same process, case management, and decisioning across all channels. Change is fast and easy. Changes to a process are instantly reflected everywhere. The Pega UI can be branded to blend into your existing apps and website so your customer has a continuous and consistent experience, getting everything she needs in her channel of choice. Leading organizations use the Pega mash-up to embed marketing, sales, and service processes into their existing Web and mobile channels. They quickly roll out new products and services while delivering the end-to-end experience today's customers demand. Our world is constantly changing. Only Pega lets you build for change.


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