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Predictive Marketing

Improve the value of customer interactions with real-time predictive marketing.

Predictive marketing has the power to dramatically increase conversions and the value of each customer interaction. By understanding customer behavior and forecasting needs and preferences, predictive marketing can help businesses deliver more personalized marketing offers and actions for each customer.

Traditional solutions for prediction, however, do not operate in real time. Predictive models are usually static and disconnected from actual day-to-day customer interactions. That means marketers are working with out-of-date information that causes them to miss opportunities to make a sale, build customer satisfaction or prevent defection.

For companies that want to better understand customer behavior and preferences in real-time, Pega provides a powerful predictive marketing solution.


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Real-time predictive marketing with Pega.

Pega is a leading provider of sales, marketing, service, operations and customer engagement software to Global 2000 companies, enabling them to streamline business operations, engage customers across channels in real time, and adapt rapidly to changes in business requirements and customer demands.

Pega's predictive marketing technology enables companies to collect customer data in real time, analyze it to identify changes in behavioral patterns, and act on it to deliver the most relevant actions, offers and messages to each customer.

Rather than working with static models that don't reflect real-world realities, Pega ensures that marketing and customer predictions are as accurate, reliable and up-to-date as possible. Pega can automatically adapt pre-defined predictive models during omni channel marketing interaction with customers, and establish customer preferences without any need for historical data. And because Pega's predictive marketing technology is self-learning, the accuracy of decisions can be rapidly and continuously refined.

Capabilities of Pega's solution include:

  • Self-learning technology that keeps predictive models up-to-date.
  • Automated adjustment to predictive decisions.
  • Real-time monitoring and reporting with visual insight into cross channel marketing performance.
  • Design tools for building adaptive models quickly and easily.
  • Options to run multiple adaptive models concurrently to capture changing trends.
  • Tools to generate predictive models without the need for on-call statisticians or IT staff.
  • Easy integration to increase the value of current modeling technology.

Benefits of predictive marketing with Pega.

With Pega you can:

  • increase the success of customer strategies by taking advantage of self-learning technology that automatically interprets incoming data and identifies changes in behavior in real time.
  • Ensure optimal customer experiences with Next-Best-Actions technology that automatically recommends or executes the best action, offer or message based on customer responses and behavior.
  • Rapidly identify optimal strategies and propositions in situations where no historical data is available, including the introduction of new products.
  • Achieve zero time-to-market for implementing accurate predictive models.

Learn more about predictive marketing with Pega, and about Pega solutions for software application development and sales automation software.