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Pega Co-Browse: Quick Overview and Demo

Co-browse, which is similar to screen sharing, occurs inside a browser and allows a customer service agent to directly assist a customer to navigate and use a company’s self-serve website. Surveys show that co-browse has the highest customer satisfaction rating of any support channel.

Pega co-browse is used by the health insurance exchange for the State of Washington to help members select and enroll in a chosen health plan. It starts instantly, protects the customer’s device, and masks sensitive information such as personal health information, passwords and financial data. Additionally, co-browse can connect to the customer’s desktop or mobile device.


So today what we're gonna talk to you about is co-browsing. So co-browsing is kind of like screen sharing, but it happens inside of a browser. Are you at your computer right now? You know, I'm on my iPad. Oh, that's no problem. I can connect to your iPad screen if you'd like safe and securely.

[Presenter 1] Oh great.

[Presenter 2] So if you click the support link on the left-hand side, please and read me the secure one-time use nine digit code. So each result here will have a check if your doctors in network have gone ahead and highlighted that field for you.

[Presenter 1] Oh, I see that.

[Presenter 2] What you'll do is click that and that'll bring you to a provider lookup search where you can verify your physician.

[Presenter 1] Gotcha.

So our HTML5-based next generation co-browsing solution was a first mover in the market. We're deployed to over 7,000 financial advisors from some of the largest financial services companies in the world and we're actually used by a health exchange. So the state of Washington uses us in their contact center. They have a 300 person contact center to help members sign up and apply for insurance plans.

Okay, Mr. Weiss, so you can click add additional household member here and go back and review your plans. Is there anything else I can help you with?

[Mr Weiss] No, great. This is a huge help.

[Presenter 2] Okay I'm gonna disconnect from your machine now. Thank you so much for calling and have a nice day.

[Mr Weiss] Great, thank you.

How is this different from a lot of the other technologies you might've seen on the market, particularly screen sharing technologies? Well, the first thing is that it starts instantly. So it's gonna start in less than five seconds on the website, no matter what browser or what device your customer is on. The second is that we're protecting the desktop. So the CSR is only gonna see what's on the webpage itself. They don't see anything else. The third thing is that we have a highlighting tool that allows the agent to show the customer around the website. And this is a really important teaching tool for the agent to be able to show the customer how to resolve their issue so they don't call back as frequently. But we also have a field masking feature that allows you to specify sensitive form of information like passwords or credit cards. And if a customer is typing that information into a field, none of that information will leave their browser. So any kind of PHI is gonna stay on the customer's computer. It's never gonna hit the internet, it's never gonna hit our cloud servers and it's never gonna get seen by the agent. The agent just sees stars. So co-browsing as the highest customer satisfaction rating of any support channel. It's gonna promote the usage of self-service tools and improve first call resolution rates. And lastly, what you're gonna find is that it reduces call handle time, okay?

Thank you.

Thank you very much.

Thank you very much.

Thank you.


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