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Extended Reality

In the Accenture Technology Vision 2018 for Pega: Extended Reality, Don Schuerman, CTO, Pega, and DavidSteuer, Managing Director, Accenture, discuss the importance of connecting with customers across channels where technology plugs seamlessly into their experiences, even with enhanced reality.


David Steur: Hi this is David Steur, and I lead up the Pega platform within Cloud First for Accenture. And I have with me today Don Schuerman, who is the CTO for Pega. Don, happy to have you here with us.

Don Schuerman: Always nice to talk to you. David Steur: We're gonna talk today about the 2018 tech vision. It's called Intelligent Enterprise Unleashed. And as we do every year, we have a set of trends that we're seeing within technology. And these trends are focused on the types of things that are going to allow organizations to better interface with their customers, to better improve and optimize their own businesses, as well as technology trends that may impact you and I as customers or citizens within the world.

David Steur: The second trend that we have is around extended reality, what we call the end of distance. That's a fun topic. I know extended reality is something that's often used in games. But we're also seeing it as a way to use for training or even enhancing in communication. It's a channel. Maybe talk a little bit about how you see Pega playing in that space. How does it fit into the Pega omni channel approach?

Don Schuerman: I think where we really wanna ensure is that as we're making these AI-powered decisions, as we're driving this robotic-powered automation, which is what really drives efficiency and also ease of experience, that's gotta work no matter where your customers are. Whether you're engaging them in a traditional channel like a branch or an ATM or a website. Whether you're pushing into a more digital channel like a mobile app experience or a chat bot. I wanna ensure that I'm not building and burying my logic inside those channels, but the logic is living across the channel.

Don Schuerman: I think the risk for organizations with all these exciting new tech, is to dive into the new channel tech and build a great experience there. And then when your customer goes somewhere else, everything falls apart. Your customers don't live in channels, they live almost a channel-less life. And we want to ensure that the technology plugs seamlessly across all of them. So you get great benefits and great experience for the customer. I know that we've done some work with Accenture specifically in the enhanced reality space. You guys built a really cool prototype of what you can do with enhanced reality.

David Steur: Yeah, exactly. One of the things I think people think with this enhanced reality is you have to put on the glasses. And sometimes you do. But actually, we had an implementation where we used your smart phone. Putting that right over a printer to be able to see where you would be able to troubleshoot the printer itself. Put in the ribbon, or solve a problem with the particular printer. And then having that seamlessly integrate with Pega is what we were able to build out.

Probably the most widely accepted use of enhanced reality is Google Maps and Pokemon Go. And, it's not going to be people having on these massive glasses all the time, except in certain situations. It's going to be using the devices that we are comfortable with and then injecting the intelligence directly into that point of visualization, into that augmented reality. And, we've been working with API and MashUp technologies that allow us to ensure all those decisions fit seamlessly into these cool new ways of engaging with both computers and reality at the same time.

David Steur: yeah, very interesting space, that I think will change the way customers interface with organizations and will change the way Field Service will work as well.

Don: I especially feel similarly. Anything that involves making things work. Right? Having that visual and the data pull together is going to be really powerful.


Solution Area: Customer Engagement Topic: AI and Decisioning Topic: Personalized Customer Experiences

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