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ANZ Transforms Global Business Operations With Pega

To drive ANZ’s super-regional strategy, they implemented nine Pega applications across 11 geographies, covering 3,000 users who are managing over five million customer interactions a year. With Pega, ANZ reduced the number of applications to resolve an inquiry from fourteen to one. They improved first touch resolution by 20%, and reduced card dispute resolution time from 45 days to ten minutes. Pega’s ability to directly capture objectives also empowers ANZ to meet market requirements in a fraction of the time when compared to traditional business applications.


Speaker 1: Founded in 1835, ANZ is one of the top 25 global financial institutions in the world. ANZ serves over 9 million customers spanning 33 markets.

Nigel Adams: One of the things we're trying to do as an organization by becoming more customer centric and more customer friendly, we want to interact with customers the way that they want to interact with us.

Alistair Currie: Our super regional strategy is based on one very simple fundamental objective. We want to be a great bank in Asia Pacific.

Speaker 1: Providing standardization and enabling digitization are central to ANZ strategy and pivotal to their success.

Nigel Adams: Digitization is at the top of our agenda and as we work through that, we recognize that self service is critical to driving the type of experience that customers are looking for. Fast, safe, standard, consistent.

Ryan Brosnahan: We need to digitize our processes end to end and that's important because the world around us is changing rapidly. Customer expectations are continuing to increase exponentially.

Nigel Adams: By having standardized processes, we get a far more consistent experience. It's helped me functionalize my team in a regional delivery network, so I no longer have a country based teams. I have a team which can handle multiple geographies.

Speaker 1: To support ANZ super regional strategy, they've implemented nine Pega applications across 11 geographies, covering 3000 users who are managing over 5 million customer interactions a year.

Nigel Adams: Our operators used to have to have 14 different applications open so they could resolve a customer inquiry, whereas now they use the Pega interface. Data is automatically pulled from those subsystems and they can focus on the customer as opposed to trying to navigate the subsystems behind the scenes.

Sonja Steiner: Having Pega application has helped us with our customer inquiries and provide a better customer experience. We've also increased our first touch resolution by 20 percent.

Nigel Adams: We're seeing significant improvement. From a domestic perspective, 71 percent of inquiries were resolved within three days. We're now at 92 percent resolved within one day.

Ryan Brosnahan: On our card disputes platform, it used to take us 45 days to get resolution on a customer card dispute, which reduced to 10 minutes.

Alistair Currie: As the speed of market requirements continues to accelerate, we are being asked to change the way we interact with our customers at faster speeds than ever and I'm very confident in saying that if we didn't have Pega available to us, we would find it difficult to respond to customer needs.

Speaker 1: ANZ is using Pega 7 to drive this rapid innovation to transform their business.

Zipporah Szalay: Instead of writing requirements, piles of paper, we're capturing requirements directly in the Pega application, which translates to the application that the business can see immediately, very rapidly. They're bringing their requirements to life.

Ryan Brosnahan: We're getting a huge amount of reuse from the nine applications we've already deployed, so our speed to market increases significantly with each application we're deploying.

Alistair Currie: Pega is playing a big role in helping us transform for the world and as I look out into the coming years, I'm expecting Pega to play a very prominent role.

Speaker 1: ANZ has transformed and streamlined their business operations, delivering better and faster services to their customers. Our world is constantly changing, only Pega lets you build for change.


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