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Podcast Recap: AI ethics and immersive technology

Paula White-Jennings , Log in to subscribe to the Blog

Believe it or not, artificial intelligence (AI) is used practically everywhere ranging from targeted ads to self-driving cars and customer service chatbots. Organizations around the world are interested in utilizing more AI solutions across their business processes to ensure that they stay current and competitive. However, it is important for organization to understand their chosen AI solutions so that it can be successfully implemented and adopted by all users.

Season 2 of the Pega podcast, Bold stories. Future focused., covers unique insights and stories for how to successfully implement AI across an organization, protect consumer data, and immerse yourself in the world of Internet 3.0. 

Ep. 6: How AI is destroying our moral & civil efficacy featuring Elizabeth Adams

One of the most exciting and widely used applications of AI is facial recognition. This technology can unlock smartphones, identify genetic disorders, and much more. However, with great power comes great responsibility. In this episode of Bold stories. Future focused., Joe Richardson talks with Elizabeth Adams (CEO and Founder, EMA Advisory Services) about the failures of facial recognition and how to overcome common obstacles.

Elizabeth talks extensively about her work with the city of Minneapolis and how facial recognition technology used by police departments was failing to protect all citizens equally and fairly. She explains that the data used for facial recognition was biased and not inclusive, resulting in results that favored white men over people of color.

“However, it needs to be ethical, it needs to be explainable, it needs to be trustworthy and transparent. There needs to be some oversight that’s a part of all of that.”

Elizabeth points out that the bias starts at the designing phase, and that’s what needs to be changed in order for police departments to protect their communities. Poor (biased) design and data collection is due to a lack of understanding and education. With better knowledge around this technology, cities like Minneapolis, can build security systems that are unbiased, transparent, and accessible.

Listen to the full episode to learn more about how Elizabeth is helping remove bias through discussion, education, and policy:

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OCTOBER 19, 2021 | 27 MINS

Ep. 6: How AI is destroying our moral & civil efficacy ft. Elizabeth Adams

Smart phones, social media, and facial and voice recognition are commonplace for many. But do we know what, if any, ethical considerations shaped their development? CEO & founder of EMA Advisory Services, Elizabeth Adams wants to know. Join us as we uncover hard truths about the role civic tech plays in our communities.

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Ep. 9: How much should the influence of AI matter to your organization? featuring Nia Christian, Peter van der Putten, and Randy Bean

Nia Christian (Innovation Engineer, Digital FastForward) talks about how AI solutions can lead to cultural changes for both clients and organizations. By taking the time to learn about AI solutions, organizations can successfully leverage AI to provide better customer experiences and employee support.

“It will allow a lot of business leaders to provide their customers with a level of value that they hadn’t been able to previously. Just having the understanding of AI is, I think, first, but also having the idea of how to implement it properly.”

Peter van der Putten (Director for AI Solutions, Pegasystems) talks about how AI technology is everchanging, making it suitable for a wide variety of use cases across different industries. AI can save you money by enabling banks to proactively warning you about overage fees before the deadline and it can also quickly pivot to provide COVID messaging that comforts concerned citizens.

“So, in a way. AI has an everchanging definition because you know what people often say is that AI is the filter where we let computers do things that otherwise would be seen as intelligence.”

Randy Bean (Founder and CEO, NewVantage Partners) focuses on the data side of AI because AI relies on data input and preparation. Organizations need data to better understand their consumers, but there is a lot of data out there, so it’s important that the data you run through your AI tool is accurate, safe, and accessible.

“Organizations have been struggling for a generation to make optimal use of their data, but now more than ever, data is essential.”

Listen to the full episode to hear more about AI integration the importance of data quality from Nia, Peter, and Randy:

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NOVEMBER 9, 2021 | 23 mins

Ep. 9: How much should the influence of AI matter to your organization? ft. Nia Christian, Peter van der Putten, and Randy Bean

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is all around us. Do you see it? Do you know when you’re experiencing it? Three experts, consultant Nia Christian, researcher Peter van der Putten, and CEO and Founder of NewVantage Partners Randy Bean discuss what AI is and where to look for the data that’s used to power it.

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Ep. 10: Immersive experiences, infinite possibilities featuring Catherine D. Henry, Galit Ariel, and Alan Smithson

AI technology is no longer limited to a phone or computer screen. AI is now an immersive experience with virtual and augmented reality capabilities. James Dodkins (CX Evangelist, Pegasystems) talks with three tech experts about the rise of Internet 3.0.

Catherine D. Henry (SVP Growth, Media.Monks) shares the exciting ways people can experience the digital world via online events such as virtual concerts and other social gatherings. She explains how virtual experiences can empower people to be their true authentic selves rather than giving in to insecurities that prevent them from living life to the fullest. People are spending more and more time online, so it’s important that these spaces are safe, fun, and accessible to all.

“We don’t have to be exactly ourselves and that’s kind of super cool. Because suddenly, it opens up the possibility to be someone else. […] The internet is more democratic in the sense that you can turn up and be who you are authentically because you have this other being that represents you.”

Galit Ariel (TechnoFuturist, Author and Creative, featured at Global Conferences) also sees the creative opportunities for Internet 3.0 to bring magic into the real world. As these immersive experiences continue to grow, Galit also talks about education, privacy, and the need for regulation to protect consumers.

“So, I love the opportunity that we have now to live through this era that everything we dreamed of is coming. And technology is not something that exists in this other space, but it really is becoming an indigenous thing in our physical reality.”

Alan Smithson (Co-Founder, MetaVRse) brings virtual reality to the masses by building a platform that doesn’t require technical coding knowledge or experience. Anyone can build and customize their own virtual worlds via MetaVRse’s click-and-drag interface. And, with accessibility comes security and trust. Alan talks about how to effectively manage tech and data governance to ensure that clients can freely build their virtual worlds knowing that their data and experiences are safe.

“Everybody should be able to participate in this new economy, this new Internet 3.0. And what we’re doing is, we’re making it code optional. So, for those of you (myself included) who don’t code, it’s all drag-and-drop. And the idea is that we really, really wanted to make it as accessible to everyone as possible.”

Listen to the full episode to hear more from Catherine, Galit, and Alan:

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NOVEMBER 16, 2021 | 26 mins

Ep. 10: Immersive experiences, infinite possibilities ft. Catherine D. Henry, Galit Ariel, and Alan Smithson

Unlike virtual reality, augmented reality (AR) launches the virtual world into our tangible, physical world. Listen in as our guests, Catherine D. Henry, Alan Smithson, and Galit Ariel discuss how brands should embrace the immersive experiences of AR to get ahead.

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Topic: Digital Transformation

About the Author

Paula White-Jennings, is a creatively-driven and organized professional brand marketer with experience in marketing and brand strategy alike. Paula is also the producer of Pega’s successful podcast, “Bold stories. Future focused.” Maintaining her passion for being a change agent, Paula is a founding member of the Black@Pega Employee Resource Group and has spent the past year and a half building out their social impact footprint within the surrounding communities.

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Elizabeth Adams Headshot
Elizabeth M. Adams CEO and founder of EMA Advisory Services

Elizabeth M. Adams (she/her/hers) is a global AI Ethics Advisor helping executives, governments and organizations gain familiarity with AI Ethics guidance and standards. She passionately teaches, advises, consults, and speaks on the critical subjects within and across Tech Inclusion, Humane Tech and Social Influence in AI. Elizabeth is an Affiliate Fellow at Stanford University’s Institute of Human-Centered AI and is currently pursuing her Doctorate in Business Administration at Pepperdine University, with a research focus on Leadership of Responsible AI. Over the past 20 years, she has refined her leadership acumen in tech design by leading a variety of large-scale technology initiatives for the government and Fortune 500 companies as a tech equity champion.

Nia Christian
Nia Christian Innovation Engineer at Digital FastForward

Nia is an Innovation Engineer at Digital FastForward where she leads robotic automation projects for different clients in banking, healthcare, and higher education. She takes pride in developing solutions that will provide the best value to clients by employing design thinking strategies.

Peter van der Putten
Peter van der Putten Director for AI Solutions at Pegasystems

Peter van der Putten is the Director for AI Solutions at Pega. He works with global brands to transform their business through the responsible use of artificial intelligence. This may span many areas of their business, helping them to engage 1:1 with their customers to improve customer value and build trusted relationships; by using AI to anticipate and proactively resolve service issues; and by inserting intelligence into processes to maximize efficiency and business outcomes. He also looks after Pega’s strategy to pervasively use actionable, always on AI across all its products and go to markets, and ensuring AI is used in a trustworthy, responsible and ethical manner.

Van der Putten is also an assistant professor at Leiden University, the Netherlands, where he teaches in the AI and Media Technology programs. In his research he goes beyond artificial intelligence into artificial ‘x’, and studies intelligence, creativity, emotions, relationships, religion and other things that make us human through artificial creatures. He also speculates about the future with humans, technology and nature. He holds a PhD in AI from Leiden University and a MSc in AI from Utrecht University, the Netherlands.

Randy Bean Founder and CEO of NewVantage Partners

Randy Bean is an industry thought leader, author, and speaker in the field of data-driven business leadership. He is known for his frequent columns in Forbes, Harvard Business Review, MIT Sloan Management Review, and The Wall Street Journal. His book, Fail Fast, Learn Faster: Lessons in Data-Driven Leadership in an Age of Disruption, Big Data, and AI, will be published on August 31, 2021. Bean is founder and CEO of NewVantage Partners, a strategic advisory firm which he founded in 2001. Bean also serves as co-chair of the James Merrill House, an internationally acclaimed writers residency program. He is a graduate of Washington University in St. Louis and resides in Boston, MA and Stonington Borough, CT.

Catherine Henry
Catherine D. Henry SVP Growth at Media.Monks

Catherine D. Henry is a leading voice in XR and one of the top women covering augmented reality, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence –– combining futurism with creative technology and strategic implementation. Catherine is SVP Growth at Media.Monks, where she advises leading global brands on how to enter the Metaverse; a new era of brand virtualization with innovative ideas and cutting edge technology, from enterprise to entertainment. Catherine decodes technology and interactive experiences to help companies become more resilient, efficient, and productive. With a career spanning nearly 20 years in global financial services leading institutional sales for private and equity tech investments, Catherine enables teams to better communicate, collaborate and create with tech –– no matter where they are. Catherine D. Henry is a Black female tech geek & AfroFuturist who holds an MBA, MA in economics, and speaks five languages. She also did post-graduate work in immersive media & VR Film making at NY Film Academy (2016).

Galit Ariel
Galit Ariel TechnoFuturist, Author and Creative, featured at Global Conferences

Galit Ariel is a TechnoFuturist, author and creative, featured at global conferences and organizations such as TED, SXSW, Slush, The European Union, Bell Labs, and many more. She explores the wild and imaginative side of immersive technologies and is the author of Augmenting Alice - The Future of Identity, Experience and Reality. The book explores the way Augmented Reality’s diffusion will shift core paradigms and interactions related to culture, space, embodiment, agency and ethics. Through her art/tech futures agency ‘Future Memory Inc.’ she helps organizations and policymakers shape their technological futures and develop better digital experiences, interaction tools and narratives. Galit is currently conducting her research-by-creation PhD at York University, exploring paradigms of immersive presence.

Alan Smithson Co-Founder of MetaVRse

Alan Smithson’s purpose in life is to inspire and educate people to think and act in a socially, economically and environmentally responsible way.

Mr. Smithson is a Co-Founder of MetaVRse, a code-optional platform that makes it easy to create & share interactive 3D experiences instantly on the web.

He is a proud Father, Business Leader, TEDx Speaker, and Podcast Host. Mr. Smithson co-invented the World’s first touchscreen DJ system, Emulator — featured on Dragons’ Den and winning DJ Mag’s Innovative Product of the Year in 2011. His 10-year-old daughter invented sandals that leave a heart-shaped tan line on your feet called Love Sandal winning Top 20 Under 20 at only 10 years old. He is an Independent Global Advisor on the Business of XR for Fortune 500 Companies and UHNW Family Offices.

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