Enterprise Marketing Automation

Enterprise marketing automation delivers superior customer conversations.

In a business environment increasingly driven by big data, personalization and cross-channel marketing, enterprise marketing automation is critical to success. Manual processes simply can't keep up with the sheer volume of information, the complexity of campaigns or the many tasks involved in delivering relevant and personalized offers to each individual prospect. By streamlining enterprise work management, automating repeatable processes and managing the unwieldly flow of data, enterprise marketing automation enables organizations to increase revenue and customer lifetime value while delivering a consistent customer experiences across channels.

Most legacy customer engagement solutions can't deliver true automation – they lack the ability to connect organizational silos of data and the processes required to communicate with customers across channels. That's why, when seeking a best-of-breed solution, more Global 2000 companies today turn to Pega.


CRM Evolved

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Pega vs. Salesforce for Marketing

Marketing solution buyers report growing pressure from their colleagues utilizing Salesforce.com’s Sales Cloud to also adopt Marketing Cloud to increase lead generation. Marketing professionals should, however, think twice.

Enterprise marketing automation with Pega.

Pega Marketing provides tools for enterprise marketing automation that can help you engage customers more effectively and drive greater ROI.

Leveraging sophisticated analytics, predictive intelligence and business rules in real time, Pega automatically evaluates the context of each customer interaction and — keeping your business objectives in mind — recommends the most relevant action, content, offer, timing and fulfillment channel to achieve an optimal outcome.

Adaptive analytics continuously learn from each customer interaction and automatically adjust to changes in market conditions and customer behavior.

With Pega's enterprise marketing automation capabilities, you can:

  • Easily design, build and execute strategies and campaigns.
  • Anticipate customer needs in real time and provide the best offer or content at the right channel at the right time.
  • Simulate and test potential impact of complex customer strategies before executing them.
  • Automatically refine strategies with machine learning algorithms that continually improve the relevancy and timeliness of offers or actions with minimal need from data experts.
  • Coordinate with sales automation and CRM solutions to deliver consistent an exceptional customer experiences at every point in the customer relationship.

Benefits of Pega's enterprise marketing automation

By automating many aspects of marketing operations, Pega enables you to:

  • Engage customers with contextual conversations and build trust through consistent, personalized and seamless omni-channel communication.
  • Respond to customers with real-time personalized communications, always performing the next-best action based on coordinated marketing strategies.
  • Increase customer lifetime value by determining and implementing the most effective upsell and cross-sell strategies.
  • Improve customer retention by delivering exceptional customer experiences.
  • Minimize the complexity of enterprise marketing by making it easier and faster to connect disparate marketing systems to generate coordinated campaigns.

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