Case Study

CBA: Calculating the Next Best Conversation

AI-powered customer experience at CBA | 1:55


  • Connected conversations across 18 channels
  • Real-time decisions in less than 160 milliseconds
  • 20 million Next Best Conversations per day

The Business Issue

Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) is the largest organization in Australia by market cap and one out of three Australians calls CBA their main financial institution.

Yet CBA’s customers were changing –they demanded relevant, timely, and consistent engagements, regardless of channel.

In order to maintain their leadership, CBA needed to build deeper, and moremeaningful relationships –relationships based on trust.

They needed to integrate learning from across the organization, and make intelligent, coordinated decisions in real-time –regardless of whether that channel was in an inbound, outbound, digital, or agent-assisted.

The Solution

CBA embarked on their “Customer Relationship Banking” revolution which emphasizes long-term customer satisfaction –working to identify, develop and nurture high-value relationships while avoiding pressuring customers with any type of “hard-sell”.

CBA uses the Pega®Customer Decision Hub to drive real-time “Next Best Conversations” for each customer –interacting with them during moments of need –when those individuals are engaged, and ready to listen.

They implemented their initial pilot program in lessthan 90 days, and have since gone live with connected Next Best Conversations across eighteen channels including: call center, branch, online banking, mobile, email, SMS, chat, ATM, and direct mail.

The Results

The Next-Best-Conversation approach has generated major performance lifts for CBA, including:

  • #1 in CSAT for retail, business, and online banking
  • 10X increase in lead volume (95% actionable)
  • 3X increase in lead conversion rates
  • 250 adaptive models deployed in 1 week
  • Financial Services
  • Marketing

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