Case Study

CBA: Calculating the Next-Best-Conversation


  • Connected Conversations Across 8 Channels
  • 15 Million Next-Best-Conversations Per Day
  • Real-Time Decisions

The Business Issue

Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) emphasizes long-term customer satisfaction, and avoids pressuring customers with any type of “hard-sell” – instead working to identify, develop and nurture high-value relationships.

But as the organization grew and expanded its channel coverage, it became harder to engage customers in a relevant, timely, and consistent manner.

The team needed to integrate learning across the organization, and make intelligent, coordinated decisions in real-time – regardless of whether that channel was in an inbound, outbound, digital, or agent-driven channel.

The Solution

CBA implemented the Pega Customer Decision Hub with the goal of driving real-time ‘Next Best Conversations’ for each customer, and interacting with them during moments of need – when those individuals were engaged, and ready to listen.

They implemented their initial pilot program in less than 90 days, rolling out to 30 bank branches – and have since gone live with connected conversations in eight channels: Call-Center, Branch, Online Banking, Mobile, Email, SMS, ATM, and Direct Mail.

Their next step is to integrate Mobile Push Notifications, IVR, web chat, and business banking channels.

The Results

The Next-Best-Conversation approach has generated major performance lifts for CBA, including:

  • 15 Million Next Best Conversations Per Day
  • 13% Increase In Branch Applications
  • 10X Increase in Lead Volume (95% Actionable)
  • 3X Increase in Lead Conversion Rates
  • Financial Services
  • Marketing

Pega Marketing

Dynamically recommend next-best-actions for your customers.

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