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CBA: Cálculo de la mejor conversación siguiente

  • Conversaciones conectadas en 18 canales

  • Decisiones en tiempo real en menos de 160 milisegundos

  • 20 millones de mejores conversaciones siguientes por día

"We just did our 50 millionth next best conversation in person. That is 50 million times our frontline – either our branch or our contact center staff – had an opportunity to take the next best conversation and deliver that to our customers."

Angus Sullivan Group Executive, Retail Banking Services, Commonwealth Bank of Australia

The Business Issue

Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) is the largest organization in Australia by market cap, and one out of three Australians call CBA their main financial institution. To continue driving its market dominance, CBA looked to build deeper, more personalized relationships with each of its 10 million customers.

The Solution

Using Pega Customer Decision Hub™, CBA created the Customer Engagement Engine that intelligently suggests and personalizes the next best conversation to have with each customer, whether they are in the branch, on the phone, online, or on a mobile device.

The Results

The next-best-conversation approach has generated major performance lifts for CBA, including:

  • +12 lead in NPS over the competition
  • 50 million next best conversations delivered
  • 200 machine learning models with 157 billion data points
  • 200 millisecond response occurring 20 million times daily

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