Pega Workforce Intelligence

Intelligence for business fitness

Workforce Intelligence is a big data application that drives actionable changes by providing insights that are hard to track. Insights such as how your employees are working, time spent on production vs. other work, paths taken, application usage and effectiveness, and more!

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  • Zero effort installation

    No instrumentation required – immediate data collection

  • Insights within a month

    Find opportunities for coaching, automation, and or technology improvements

  • Accelerate impact

    5-15% productivity improvement by starting with coaching or add RPA and RDA automations to maximize value – you are in control with Workforce Intelligence

  • ROI begins in 30 Days

    Add WFI in parallel to other Pega investments – you’ll be able to drive ROI right away and increase the value of the overall business case

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"Utilizing the Pega solutions – both robotics as well as workforce intelligence – enables our agents to focus on what’s important. Process that took us two and a half to three minutes previously, was automated to 30 seconds and below."
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What is Workforce Intelligence?

Pega Workforce Intelligence equips you with the actionable insights needed to objectively quantify and measure productivity and efficiency across your organization. Leveraging Pega’s technology captures insights into employees’ workdays giving the intelligence you need to measure employee productivity, understand how and when work gets done, and identify opportunities and overall efficiency.

What else can bots do for your bottom line?

Tiny, yet powerful software robots can make a big impact... if you know what you're doing. Increase productivity and work smarter by deploying the right bot for the right situation.