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6.4x faster
App Development


Bridge the gap between your front and back office operations with a unified platform that will result in 321% ROI and 75% reduction in enterprise application development costs, according to Forrester.


Want to accelerate application development? Pega 7 is 6.4x faster to build, 8x faster to change, and 40x faster to mobile than conventional programming, according to an independent Capgemini study.


Build enterprise apps that meet the needs of multiple business units, channels, products, geographies, and customer segments. Pega 7 reduces time to market by 40%, according to a Forrester study.

Build Enterprise Apps Visually

Pega 7’s visually-driven application development delivers apps faster than traditional approaches. Business and IT can work together, using visual models to capture business requirements at any time. With no coding required, Pega 7 can automatically generate the application and its documentation.

Unified Experiences on One Platform

Ensure superior customer engagement and operational excellence with Pega’s unified platform for enterprise app development. Instead of stitching together disparate technologies benefit from industry-leading case management, BPM, robotic automation, AI and decisioning, mobile, and omni-channel UX in a single engine.

DevOps Made Simple

Businesses thrive on rapid application development and delivery, and effortless updates. Pega 7 provides comprehensive tools to manage the entire application lifecycle including built-in support of agile development practices, automated testing and deployment, and continuous application monitoring.

Wrap and Renew Legacy Apps

Ripping and replacing existing systems and enterprise applications with new technology isn’t worth the cost or risk. Pega maximizes your existing investments by easily wrapping around legacy apps and then extending their functionality to rapidly evolve your business.

Unmatched Agility at Any Scale

Pega 7’s Situational Layer Cake architecture scales your apps better than traditional approaches. The platform allows you to reuse enterprise applications and swiftly adapt to varied markets, customer segments, and product lines.

Additional Product Features

Pegasystems and DocuSign have announced a technology partnership enabling enterprises to integrate DocuSign's digital signature capabilities within Pega's CRM applications and the Pega 7 Platform.
Learn how Pega Agile Workbench enables continuous collaboration between business and IT through real-time agile methodology.
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