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A podcast powered by Pega

Bold stories. Future focused.

When business changes, it challenges us – and necessarily so. Listen in as our hosts uncover what success looks like when innovative minds rise to new challenges and excel in the face of change.
Season 2
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September 14, 2021 | 23 mins

Ep. 1: Equalizing the power of digital information ft. Fay Arjomandi

In this hyperconnected era, how can the average person gain back control of their data? Fay Arjomandi, founder and CEO of Mimik Technology is one changemaker aiming to do just that. Tune in as Fay shares her story, her vision for the future of data democratization, and more.

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September 21, 2021 | 25 mins

Ep. 2: How hyperautomation aims to augment our workforce for the better ft. Lila Benhammou and Francis Carden

Hyperautomation is already making smarter work possible. Just ask Lila Benhammou, CEO of Humans 4 Help, or Francis Carden, VP of Digital Automation and Robotics at Pega. Listen as they talk about the role that automation can play as we continue to evolve how we work.

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September 28, 2021 | 26 mins

Ep. 3: Tech outsiders and the breakthrough of hyperautomation ft. Rizel Scarlett and Sidney Madison Prescott

Hyperautomation is quickly changing how we work - all while the barrier of entry into the tech space is slowly lowering. Just ask two former tech outsiders who are seeing (and teaching) the effects of digitization firsthand at G-Code House and Spotify.

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October 5, 2021 | 24 mins

Ep. 4: The evolving role of virtual reality in our current reality ft. Dr. Jacquelyn Morie

The world of virtual reality is leading us toward more meaningful interactions. Virtual reality pioneer and sculptor, Dr. Jacquelyn Morie, shares how these new, immersive environments have the power to help people build emotional connections, heal, and more.

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October 12, 2021 | 23 mins

Ep. 5: The far-reaching significance of distributed cloud computing ft. Malini Bhandaru and Joe Weinman

The power and scope of distributed cloud can’t be understated. But as its power continues to grow, how do we balance its scope with our real needs and our efforts at conservation and morality? Two experts dive into the history of cloud computing and its increasingly complicated future.

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Future-proof 2025

Pega surveyed over 1,300 senior leaders and executives globally and across sectors. And, we found five trends to watch!

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Season 1
Bold Stories. Future focussed.

June 22, 2021 | 23 mins

The power of authenticity and inclusivity in sports ft. Mel Reid

Pro golfer Mel Reid is in the game for more than just trophies. Listen as she talks about her journey as a player, the importance of being yourself, her efforts to make athletics a more welcoming place for all, and much more.

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Bold Stories. Future focussed.

March 23, 2021 | 20 mins

Ep. 1: Abrupt disruption and the catalyst for innovation ft. Banu Kannu

Every business’s best laid plans changed in 2020, forcing capable leaders to step up. One such leader is Banu Kannu, co-founder of Uncommon Conferences. Listen as Kannu shares her story of disruptive thinking and innovative direction.

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Bold Stories. Future focussed.

March 23, 2021 | 23 mins

Ep. 2: The real cost of conducting mission-driven business ft. Jeanne Ross and Kumud Kalia

More than ever, brands are conducting bigger-picture business – but what does leading with a mission really mean? Organization theorist Jeanne Ross decided to find out. Hear her discuss her findings with Kumud Kalia, CIO at Guardant Health.

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Bold Stories. Future focussed.

March 23, 2021 | 18 mins

Ep. 3: The startup built for the reinvention of work ft. David Moricca

The pandemic changed how (and where) we work. Listen to CEO David Moricca – whose business Socialive was built to support remote work – speak about stepping up to make the transition to working-from-quarantine easier for businesses.

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Bold Stories. Future focussed.

March 30, 2021 | 25 mins

Ep. 4: Designing the future of work ft. Clay Richardson

How can strategic design thinking better empower the future of work? Clay Richardson, CEO of Digital Fastforward, talks about his research on taking a more human-centered approach to innovation and technology.

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Bold Stories. Future focussed.

April 6, 2021 | 24 mins

Ep. 5: Rethinking the barriers to hiring ft. Daniel Okonkwo

Criminal records. Background checks. There are numerous places where a candidate’s chances for a job can be squandered – often for a small mistake. By reframing how (and who) we hire, Daniel Okonkwo from JP Morgan Chase is working to change that.

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Bold Stories. Future focussed.

April 13, 2021 | 23 mins

Ep. 6: Inclusive hiring strategies built to shatter the mold ft. Ginny Clarke

Diversity is critical to progressive business. But equitable hiring, especially in the tech industry, takes work. Hear how Ginny Clarke, former head of Diversity Hiring Leadership at Google, has made inclusivity a top credential across her career.

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Bold Stories. Future focussed.

April 20, 2021 | 23 mins

Ep. 7: The evolving workplace impact of artificial intelligence ft. Tom Davenport

With artificial intelligence on the rise, are our jobs safe from a full technical takeover? The answer is more nuanced than you might think, but author and professor Tom Davenport breaks down how AI is transforming the ways we work.

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Bold Stories. Future focussed.

April 27, 2021 | 23 mins

Ep. 8: The changing nature of how we work ft. Sophie Wade

How we work is only going to continue to change. Author and future of work expert Sophie Wade talks about where we’re headed as an adaptive workforce and what that means for work culture and beyond.

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Bold Stories. Future focussed.

May 11, 2021 | 23 mins

Ep. 9: The real impact of artificial intelligence in healthcare ft. Stuart McGuigan

The power of AI lies in its ability to find patterns in data. IT expert Stuart McGuigan talks about how far AI has come and the impact it had in helping make a world beyond the pandemic seem possible.

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Bold Stories. Future focussed.

May 18, 2021 | 23 mins

Ep. 10: Inventing a more germ-repellent future ft. Dr. Soleymani and Dr. Didar

Necessity is the mother of invention – and after a global health crisis, better ways to curb the spread of germs are definitely necessary. Learn how two researchers invented a surface that repels certain bacteria.

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Bold Stories. Future focussed.

May 25, 2021 | 23 mins

Ep. 11: Behavioral economics and the future of financial services ft. Gary Scholten

Through strategic leadership and digital foresight, Principal Financial has become a customer-centric, knowledge-based, and technology-driven brand. Former CIO Gary Scholten breaks down how it happened.

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Bold Stories. Future focussed.

June 1, 2021 | 23 mins

Ep. 12: Continual learning and the adaptation to the future of work ft. Kristine Dery

Is employee experience central to your business strategy? Hear MIT research scientist and future of work specialist Kristine Dery share how employee empowerment, improv skills, and a bit of nosiness can unlock greater success in a new business world.

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The future of work: What's next?

Technology has changed the way we work – but by how much? We commissioned a research study to find out.

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Host info

Jo Richardson

Jo Richardson
Director, Corporate Communications

James Dodkins

James Dodkins
CX Evangelist

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Jo Richardson
Jo Richardson Director, Corporate Communications (Pegasystems)

Jo has over 20 years in the PR & Communications industry, managing multiple clients and PR programs first at agencies and then in-house, running pan-European programs that align with corporate strategy.

Focused on working with internal teams to help bring our great customer stories to life. Jo likes to influence colleagues & customers to view earned media content as 'business development & prospecting collateral' that is valuable on many levels - for the sales cycle, for storytelling, for building your own internal brand & reputation!

James Dodkins
James Dodkins CX Evangelist (Pegasystems)

James used to be an actual, real-life, legitimate, award-winning rockstar. He played guitar in a heavy metal band, released albums and tore up stages all over the world, James is now the CX Evangelist at Pegasystems where he researches extreme fandoms to understand how companies can create their own ‘Hyperfans’. He shares those strategies through transformative training, engaging video content and inspiring keynote talks.

James was awarded The UK's #1 CX Influencer by Customer Experience Magazine in 2020, The UK’s Most Outstanding CX Keynote Speaker by Corporate Vision Magazine in 2021, The World’s #10 Customer Service Guru by Global Gurus in 2021, as well as countless other notable mentions in industry publications like Business Insider, The Times and Forbes.

James is also a two-time #1 Best Selling Author and the Ex-host of Amazon Prime’s weekly topical CX show, ‘This Week In CX’.

James lives in Solihull in the UK, with his wife Phillipa, daughter River, son Oakley and dog Polo. He loves listening to and playing music and is still a recording artist today in the new alt-rock band ENDSCAPE.


Mel Reid Pride
Mel Reid English Golfer

Mel Reid is an English golfer who began her career as rookie of the year in 2008 and joined the LPGA Tour in 2017. After six wins on the Ladies European Tour, she won her first LPGA Tour event in October 2020. Reid is a pro ambassador for Athlete Ally, an organization educating athletic communities at all levels about the obstacles to inclusion for LGBTQIA+ people. Reid’s commitment to and advocacy for the LGBTQIA+ community aligns with Pega’s core value of inclusivity, which we believe fosters creativity and innovation.

Banu Kannu Headshot
Banu Kannu Co-founder & Chief Experience Officer (Uncommon Conferences)

Banu Kannu is co-founder and chief experience officer at Uncommon Conferences, a consultancy that empowers organizations to drive change through virtual and in-person participant-led gatherings. She is a seasoned marketer, content creator and business development professional with over 15 years' international experience across several industries. She’s passionate about the big picture but doesn’t lose sight of the small details that keep everything ticking. Her diverse and international background make her an ideal bridge – between people, organizations and ideas.

Kumud Kalia Headshot
Kumud Kalia Chief Information Officer (Guardant Health)

With over 30 years of experience, Kumud Kalia is a global business executive who has led organizations in multiple industry sectors, from startup to large companies. He is familiar with scaling for high-growth, M&A, in/outsourcing, critical business processes and all aspects of information technology and cyber-security. Kumud has lived and worked in multiple countries, and is currently located in Silicon Valley as Chief Information Officer at biotech leader Guardant Health. He has operating experience as a cybersecurity leader, internet & cloud technology leader, and has led countless business transformation initiatives.

Jeanne Ross
Jeanne Ross Principal Research Scientist, MIT Center for Information Systems Research (CISR)

Jeanne Ross conducts academic research targeting the challenges of senior business and technology leaders at large global companies, particularly the 100 companies that sponsor MIT CISR (Center for Information Systems Research). She has facilitated discussions of business design (i.e. enterprise architecture) with executive committee members of major companies.

David Moricca headshot
David Moricca Founder & CEO (Socialive)

David Moricca is the founder & CEO of Socialive, an enterprise video creation & live streaming SaaS platform. Trusted by organizations from startups to the Fortune 100, Socialive brings unprecedented ease and scale to high-quality video content creation for teams across the enterprise.

With 15 years of leadership and innovation in digital media, David is helping drive and shape the video-first communications revolution in business. Before Socialive, David developed and launched Scholastic's first digital learning platform and worked as a strategy consultant at McKinsey & Company.

A New Jersey native, David holds a B.A. from UNC Chapel Hill and a J.D. from Harvard Law School.

Kristine Dery Headshot
Dr. Kristine Dery PhD, EMBA (Mel), BA. (Auck)

Kristine Dery is a Research Scientist at MIT Sloan School of Management in the Center for Information Systems Research (MIT CISR).

Kristine’s research in the dynamic between technology and the way people work has been a focus of her publications and teaching for the last fifteen years.

Currently, she is investigating how organizations design their employee experience to enable their people to deliver value in the digital world. Her research questions focus on:

  1. how digital capabilities are deployed internally to create more effective ways of working and
  2. the impacts of new ways of engaging with talent in the digital era. This work has stemmed from a historical research focus on the relationship between HRM and IT, mobile connectivity, human resource information systems, gamification, and remote working.

Kristine serves as a Senior Editor for MIS Quarterly Executive, and has published in Sloan Management Review and other leading academic and practitioner publications.

Prior to her academic career, Kristine held management roles in the tourism and airline industries in Australia, New Zealand, and the UK.

Kristine is based in Sydney and is responsible for fostering research relationships with companies in AsiaPac and the delivery of workshops for senior executives and nonexecutive Board directors.

About MIT Centre for Information Systems Research (CISR) (

Supported by a consortium of over 90 public and private organizations from all over the world, researchers at CISR have been studying one key question since the establishment of the Research Centre in 1974: How do organizations generate business value from IT?

Grounded in the MIT tradition of rigorous field-based research (MIT’s motto is “Mens et Manus” - “Mind and Hand”), MIT CISR’s mission is to help executives address the digital challenges of leading dynamic, global, and information-intensive organizations. Through close relationships with our sponsoring organizations and other practitioners, MIT CISR researchers have done ground-breaking research on Digital Strategy, Digital Workplace, Data Strategy, Innovation Portfolios and Enterprise Architecture and many other topics of interest to digital leaders. We have developed concepts and frameworks to guide management practice and support digital leaders to reframe organisational understanding of digital. The relevance of our research is ensured by the active participation of corporate sponsors from a wide range of industries.

Gary Scholten Headshot
Gary Scholten Executive Vice President, CIO, and Chief Digital Officer of Principal Financial Group

Gary Scholten served as executive vice president, CIO, and Chief Digital Officer of Principal Financial Group. He was named CIO in 2002, CDO in 2017 and served in those roles until he retired in 2020. He was responsible for overseeing the global company’s use of technology and driving digital strategy into all aspects of the business, as well as leading the company’s use of offshore staffing and overseeing Global Sourcing. Prior to being named CDO, Scholten led corporate strategy and provided executive oversight of Human Resources for Principal.

While at Principal Scholten chaired Principal Global Services, Private Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Principal Financial Group. He also served on two Principal International Chilean Boards and on the board of Robust Wealth, an acquired FinTech subsidiary. Scholten previously served multiple terms as Chairman of the Board for the Technology Association of Iowa.

In retirement, Scholten was named an MIT Center for Information Systems Research fellow, serves on the Board of Advisors for Paanini, Inc. and is a member of Diamond CIO Council. He is pursuing Board of Director opportunities with public and private companies.

Dr. Leyla Soleymani Assistant Professor

Leyla Soleymani received her PhD from University of Toronto in 2010 in Electrical and Computer Engineering and joined McMaster as an Assistant Professor in 2011. Dr. Soleymani is currently an Associate Professor and University Scholar in the Departments of Engineering Physics and Biomedical Engineering at McMaster and is the Canada Research Chair (Tier II) in Miniaturized Biomedical Devices. Dr. Soleymani’s research is focused on developing new materials for improving the performance of biosensors and biointerfaces. The materials developed by Dr. Soleymani has been applied to point-of-care biosensors for molecular diagnostics (landmark paper published in Nature Nanotechnology) and pathogen repellent materials (referred to as RepelWrap) that significantly reduced the accumulation of bacterial and viral contamination on surfaces (published in ACS Nano, covered extensively in mainstream media including CNN Health, and funded by the Department of National Defence).

Dr. Soleymani was awarded the Ontario Early Researcher Award in 2016, the Engineering Innovation of the Year Award by the Ontario Society of Professional Engineers (Hamilton/Halton) in 2020, and the grand prize for Tech Brief’s Create the Future Contest in 2020 for her work on biosensors and biointerfces. Dr. Soleymani has 60 high-impact publications and holds several patents in the areas of biosensing and biointerfaces. Multiple patents from Dr. Soleymani’s research have been licensed by Canadian and multi-national biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies.

More recently, Dr. Soleymani has co-founded a start-up company to commercialize the RepelWrap for reducing the spread of infectious disease through high touch surfaces. Dr. Soleymani is an active member of the Biomedical Engineering community and is a frequent invited speaker at international conferences such as the Electrochemical Society (ECS) meetings, American Society for Chemistry (ACS) meetings, and Pittcon. Dr. Soleymani’s research has been broadly covered by the national and international mainstream media including CTV News, CNN Health, the Guardian, and the Times of India to name a few, generating tremendous interest from the industry and healthcare communities.

Dr. Tohid Didar Assistant Professor

Dr. Didar is an assistant professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, School of Biomedical Engineering and a member of the Institute for Infectious Disease Research (IIDR) at McMaster University. He is also Canada Research in Nano-Biomaterials. Before joining McMaster in 2016, Dr. Didar was a postdoctoral fellow at the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard University. There, he designed and developed a robust and clinically relevant extracorporeal dialysis-like treatment (DLT) device for sepsis. Since joining McMaster in 2016, he has established a world class interdisciplinary research platform on smart, multifunctional nano-biomaterials, and has fostered strategic industry collaborations within the biomedical and food sectors. Due to his contributions to this field, he was awarded the Ontario Early Researcher Award in 2019 and the Engineering Innovation of the Year Award by the Ontario Society of Professional Engineers in 2020. In 2019, Dr. Didar co-invented a plastic wrap (RepelWrap) that repels pathogens from surfaces. This technology won the 2020 Grand Prize for the Create the Future Design Concept by Tech Briefs magazine. RepelWrap is currently being adapted for halting the spread of COVID-19. Dr. Didar has published over 40 journal papers, over 10 patent applications and has presented over 30 national and international invited talks and keynote speeches.

Sophie Wade International Keynote Speaker and Author of Executive MBA textbook 'Embracing Progress'

Sophie Wade is an international keynote speaker and author of Executive MBA textbook Embracing Progress. Next Steps for the Future of Work. She is a LinkedIn Instructor with popular courses on Empathy for Sales Professionals and HR Professionals and Generation Z. After senior strategy and finance roles, she is now the Workforce Innovation Specialist and Founder of Flexcel Network, a Future-of-Work consultancy. Sophie’s executive advisory work and transformative workshops help companies adapt for current business conditions and establish sustainable ways of working for long-term growth. Her interventions enable executives and managers attract, engage, and retain a productive, multigenerational, and distributed workforce. Sophie received a BA and MA from Oxford University and an MBA from top international business school, INSEAD.

Stuart McGuigan heashot
Stuart McGuigan Chief Information Officer

For two years, Mr. Stuart McGuigan, was a member of the Senior Executive Service, Chief Information Officer (CIO) and the Assistant-Secretary level head of the Bureau of Information Resource Management on March 25, 2019. As Chief Information Officer (CIO), he establishes technology strategic direction and provides oversight for $ 2.4B of technology programs across the Department.

Mr. McGuigan joined the Department of State from Johnson & Johnson where he was responsible for global Information Technology strategy and operations for an organization with 130,000 employees at over 170 overseas and domestic locations. With an established reputation for rapidly aligning technology innovation with global business needs, Mr. McGuigan brings over 33 year of industry background including experience as Senior Vice President and CIO of CVS Caremark, Senior Vice President and CIO of Liberty Mutual, and Senior Vice President of Information Services for Medco Health Solutions.

Mr. McGuigan earned Master of Science and Master of Philosophy degrees in the Cognitive Science program at Yale University and has a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology from Fairfield University. In 2018, Mr. McGuigan was inducted into’s CIO Hall of Fame, and he is the recipient of the “Lifetime Contribution Award” from NASSCOM—India’s top not-for-profit IT organization, enabling India’s growth of its $154 billion dollar IT-Business Process Management (BPM) industry.

Thomas H. Davenport President’s Distinguished Professor of Information Technology and Management at Babson College

Tom Davenport is the President’s Distinguished Professor of Information Technology and Management at Babson College, a Visiting Professor at Oxford University’s said School of Business, a Fellow of the MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy, and Senior Advisor to Deloitte’s Analytics and AI practice. His most recent book is The AI Advantage from MIT Press, and he’s written twenty books and over 300 articles for Harvard Business Review, MIT Sloan Management Review, and many other publications. He has been named one of the world’s Top 25 Consultants by Consulting magazine, one of the 100 most influential people in IT by Ziff-Davis magazines, and one of the world’s top fifty business school professors by Fortune magazine.

Daniel Okonkwo
Daniel Okonkwo Vice President, JPMorgan Chase Corporate Responsibility and Office of Nonprofit Engagement

R. Daniel Okonkwo, Esq. is an attorney and public policy expert with significant experience in the policy, advocacy, the nonprofit sectors. Daniel currently serves as the Market Lead—Mid-Atlantic, in Community Engagement at JPMorgan Chase & Co. In this role, he is responsible for building relationships with key stakeholders, grantmaking in the Mid-Atlantic region, and meeting the firm’s CRA obligations. Daniel also manages a national grant portfolio, which focuses on nonprofit capacity building and civil rights organizations.

Daniel comes to JPMorgan Chase from Ballast Research where he advised Fortune 500 companies on their federal and state advocacy. Prior to Ballast Research, Daniel was a founding member and the Executive Director of D.C. Lawyers for Youth (DCLY), a policy and advocacy organization that worked to reform the District’s youth justice system. While working to start DCLY, Daniel was a Senior Consultant in the Regulatory Practice Group at the EOP Group, Inc., a lobbying and political consulting firm. He started his career as a trial attorney in the Office of the Public Defender in Miami, FL where he represented clients in the County Court Division and Felony Drug Court. Prior to entering law school, Daniel had an accomplished career as a professional basketball player.

Daniel has extensive ties to the local and national nonprofit networks and municipal leaders. He currently sits on the board of the Juvenile Law Center (Philadelphia). He has served as an appointee to the District’s Juvenile Justice Advisory Group, the Safer Stronger DC Advisory Committee, the Non-Profit Advisory Committee, and most recently, the Commission on Health Equity. Daniel also values supporting local nonprofits and has been a board member of the DC Alliance of Youth Advocates, Advocates for Justice in Education, the WAMU (88.5FM) Community Council, and the National Juvenile Justice Network.

Daniel received his J.D. from Georgetown University and a B.A. from Yale University.

Ginny Clarke headshot
Ginny Clarke Director, Executive Recruiting at Google

Ginny Clarke was most recently Director, Executive Recruiting at Google from August 2016 until November 2020. In this role, she led the Diversity, Non-tech Recruiting, and the Leadership Internal Mobility teams. Her team of North American recruiters found and hired senior leaders (Directors +) for finance, sales, marketing and other G&A functions across Google.

She recently left to form Ginny Clarke, LLC, her own talent and leadership consulting business, which includes keynote speaking, podcasting and writing. Her podcast, Fifth Dimensional Leadership is for leaders, thinkers and future-makers dedicated to creating the conscious workplace of tomorrow.

Before Google, Ginny was a Partner at Spencer Stuart, the global executive search firm, based in Chicago. For 12 years, she worked in the firm’s Financial Services and Financial Officer Practices, and co-founded and led Spencer Stuart’s Global Diversity Practice. She left Spencer Stuart to write a book titled Career Mapping: Charting Your Course in the New World of Work, which was published in 2011. The book provides a framework that empowers individuals to plot and assess their professional competencies, and strategically navigate their careers.

After the book was published, Ginny ran her own executive search and talent management firm for 3 years before becoming a Senior Partner for Executive Search in the U.S. at Knightsbridge, a Canadian human capital solutions firm.

Ginny started her career in banking at First National Bank of Chicago (now Chase). After a short stint, she spent a number of years in the real estate investment management business with Jones Lang LaSalle (“JLL”) and Prudential Real Estate Investors. Her responsibilities included asset management, portfolio management, capital raising and client servicing.

She earned her BA in French and Linguistics from the University of California at Davis, and her MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School. Ginny is the single mother of an adult son, Julian, who works in the entertainment industry.

Fay Arjomandi Headshot
Fay Arjomandi Founder, President and CEO of Mimik

Fay is the Founder of Mimik and has been the president and CEO of the company since January 2020. She founded the company as Disternet, which was later rebranded to Mimik.

While incubating Mimik; Fay was also the CEO of a group of mobile companies under Nantworks, including Tensorcom, NantMobile, and Mobile Genomic Health, leading the consumerization health solutions between 2014 – 2016.

Prior to NantWorks, Fay was the CEO of Vodafone xone. Fay successfully launched Vodafone xone in Silicon Valley in September 2011, which became the global incubation center of the Vodafone Group and the beta brand for Vodafone consumers in the UK, Italy, Spain, Germany, and Egypt. Fay spearheaded the partnership work with emerging and disruptive technologies to enable start-up companies to develop, test, and prepare for commercial deployment in global markets. Additionally, her role expanded to lead Vodafone Ventures, the strategic corporate venture capital arm of Vodafone Group. Fay was also the President of Vodafone Americas Foundation, an outreach program whose mission is to mobilize communities to resolve shared problems and to enable mobile technology to advance social change in addition to exceptional leadership and vision. Prior to Vodafone, Fay was the co-founder and CEO of two other start-up companies L3 Technology, Mobidia that was acquired by App Annie Inc.

Fay is an official member of the Forbes Technology Council. Fay has been granted many patents. In 2020 she was named by Linux Foundation and State of the Edge as the Edge Woman of the Year, she was recognized as the 2018 Alumni of the year at Concordia University. In 2014, she was named by San Francisco Business Week as one of the most influential women business leaders in Silicon Valley. In 2007, she was the Canadian technology and innovation representative to the White House. Fay received the distinguished Business in Vancouver’s 2006 “Top 40 Under 40″ award presented to outstanding leaders in their chosen fields.

Fay is a highly sought-after global speaker, and industry thought leader given her specialization in digital communications, software applications, and protocol development. Fay is also currently the Executive Chairman of H2 Wellness and Advisor to StudyTracks.

Clay Richardson
Clay Richardson CEO & Chief Excelerator, Digital Fastforward, LLC

Clay is the co-founder of Digital FastForward. He has spent most of his career helping leaders build and execute strategies around new disruptive technologies. Formerly with Forrester Research, a leading market research firm, Clay oversaw research and client advisory projects focused on digital innovation, digital automation, design thinking, and lean startup practices.

Lila Benhammou Headshot
Lila Benhammou CEO of Humans 4 Help

Lila Benhammou is a serial woman entrepreneur passionate about DATA. She dives in the challenges and pitfalls for any organization wanting to tackle data challenges and organization.

She shares a lot of stories about clients she did help on their data journey and shares with us some good tips about how to align processes, upskilling on new skills and embracing technology to serve businesses.

Francis Carden Headshot
Francis Carden VP, Intelligent Automation and Robotics, Pegasystems

Francis Carden, VP. Intelligent Automation and Robotics, Pegasystems. Francis was a founder of the RPA technology acquired by Pega in 2016 and a speaker, thought leader and evangelist on everything to do with “automation". Since joining Pega, Francis has been proactively involved in the core technology and marketing around the Intelligent Automation space, bringing together stories and insights across the globe. He is actively involved in Pega's leading Intelligent Automation platform which includes many of the latest advances in technology from Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, low-code, case management to end to end automation and Robotics. Francis has more than 30 years of experience running multinational technology companies and selling innovative technology all over the world.

Rizel Scarlett Junior Developer Advocate at GitHub

Rizel Scarlett (nee Bobb-Semple) developed a deep passion for leveraging code to create inclusive communities because of her experience with impostor syndrome and being the only Afro-Caribbean woman in the room. After participating in Hack.Diversity, Code2040, and Resilient Coders, programs which assisted her in navigating her non-traditional career path, Rizel felt inspired to help create a safe space to empower women learning to code. Today, she serves as the Director of Curriculum and Engagement at G{Code} House. Additionally, Rizel holds a Bachelor's of Science in Computer Science at Boston University and works as a Junior Developer Advocate at GitHub. At the time of the interview for Bold stories. Future focused., she was a Full-Stack Software Engineer at Botany, a startup aimed at fostering more collaborative engineering teams.

Sidney Madison Prescott Global Head of Intelligent Automation at Spotify

Sidney Madison Prescott is a keynote speaker, author, and robotics evangelist specializing in the creation of Robotic Process Automation Centers of Excellence for Fortune 250 companies. Sidney heads up the Global Intelligent Automation initiative at music streaming powerhouse Spotify.

Sidney is also a published author. Sidney co-authored the Amazon #1 Best Selling book, Robotic Process Automation using UiPath StudioX: A Citizen Developer’s Guide to Hyperautomation. The book allows readers to build robots using real-world prototypes.

Sidney currently resides in Manhattan’s Upper East Side with her two small dogs, Addison & Grey Sloan. She is an avid snowboarder and SoulCycle fanatic.

Jacki Morie Senior Technical Advisor to the XPRIZE’s ANA Avatar Prize

Jacquelyn Morie’s 30 years of researching & creating meaningful VR experiences includes multi-sensory techniques for VR that can predictably elicit emotional responses from participants. Her company All These Worlds, LLC is active in social VR, Mindfulness, storytelling & stress relief applications. In 2016 she concluded a project for NASA called ANSIBLE, a full virtual world ecosystem designed to provide psychological benefits for future astronauts who will undertake extremely long isolated missions to Mars. It was tested in the HISEAS analog facility in Hawaii, with a team of 6 scientists sequestered for a year to simulate the conditions of isolation on Mars, including long communications delays. She also investigates the use of personal avatars for how they affect our human selves. She invented a novel scent release device RemniScent, to aid in the evocative power of VR experiences.

Dr. Morie has advanced degrees in both Fine Art and Computer Science. Her career also spans exceptional accomplishments in education, developing digital media programs at the Ringling College of Art and Design, the University of Central Florida, the Walt Disney Animation Studios, VIFX, Blue Sky and Rhythm and Hues, and Otis College of Art and Design. She was instrumental in the creation of the University of Southern California’s Institute for Creative Technologies (ICT), where she served as a Senior Researcher for 14 years.

She is currently on the board of directors of several future-oriented immersive media companies, and is also a senior technical advisor to the XPRIZE’s ANA Avatar Prize, which challenges teams to create a robotic avatar people can inhabit from a distance. Her new 22-chapter book, co-edited with Kate McCallum, The Handbook of Research on the Global Impacts and Roles of Immersive Media, was published by IGI Global in early 2020.

Malini Bhandaru Headshot
Dr. Malini Bhandaru Co-Author of the First Edition of The OpenStack Security Guide

Dr. Malini Bhandaru over her multi-decade career has worked on technologies spanning Cloud, IoT/Edge, Big Data for Autonomous Driving, Server Processor design, Network Alarm Correlation, and Speech Recognition based products. Over the last decade she has been worked on Open Source, contributing as a developer and lead to projects such as Kubeflow for Machine Learning Operations, EdgeX Foundry – an IoT/Edge framework, OpenStack, and OpenDaylight. She fosters collaboration and seeks to democratize technology to make possible new advances. She has worked at startups and multi-national companies such as VMware, Intel, and through acquisitions Oracle, Microsoft, and Verizon. She has a doctorate in Machine Learning from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and over 20+ patents. Malini was one of 10 finalists for the 2020 Edge Woman of the Year Award and a co-author of the first edition of The OpenStack Security Guide.

Malini is passionate about diversity, equity, and inclusion, promoting Math and Science through Science Olympiad coaching, offering adult computer literacy training, guiding projects at the university level, and mentoring and sponsoring technical women in the corporate world. She has offered Command Presence workshops at OpenStack Summits in Tokyo, Barcelona, and Atlanta, presented at Grace Hopper Celebration, and is a frequent speaker at Women Transforming Technology (WT2) and Women-Who-Code events on technical topics as well as on negotiation skills and career growth.

Joe Weinman Headshot
Joe Weinman Author of Digital Disciplines: Attaining Market Leadership via the Cloud, Big Data, Social, Mobile, and the Internet of Things

Joe Weinman was most recently SVP at Telx (now Digital Realty) and has held executive positions at Bell Labs, AT&T, and HP, in areas such as corporate strategy, R&D and innovation management, partner and business development, product management, operations, and sales and marketing. He currently serves on the advisory boards of Syntropy Networks, EDJX, RampRate, the Pace University Lubin School of Business, and the Pacific Telecommunications Council. He’s been awarded 27 patents.

He’s a global keynoter and digital strategist recognized for his insights at the intersection of business, technology, and academia who has spoken at hundreds of events and is the author of the Amazon #1 New Release Digital Disciplines: Attaining Market Leadership via the Cloud, Big Data, Social, Mobile, and the Internet of Things (Wiley CIO, 2015), also available in Chinese: 新动能 新法则 (PTPress, 2016); Cloudonomics: The Business Value of Cloud Computing (Wiley, 2012), also translated as 云经济学 (PTPress, 2014) and 云端时代 (PTPress, 2015); co-editor of Fog and Fogonomics: Challenges and Practices of Fog Computing, Communication, Networking, Strategy, and Economics (Wiley ICT Series); and a contributor to Regulating the Cloud: Policy for Computing Infrastructure (MIT Press, 2014) and Guide to Big Data Applications (Springer Studies in Big Data, 2018).

His business and technical articles have appeared in the Harvard Business Review, Forbes, CIO, InformationWeek, The New York Times, Business Week, Entrepreneur, Wired, CNN Money, and elsewhere; he has appeared on satellite, broadcast, and online channels of ViacomCBS, Sky, TVB Pearl, Channel NewsAsia, The New York Times, and the Wall Street Journal; and he was the contributing editor of the cloud economics column for IEEE Cloud Computing magazine for five years.

He has a BS and MS in Computer Science from Cornell University and UW-Madison and has completed executive education at the International Institute for Management Development, Lausanne, Harvard Business School, and MIT Sloan School of Management.

Connect with “joeweinman” at Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, WeChat, or Gmail.