Why Leading Insurers Turn to Pegasystems for Insurance Claims Software

Many of the world’s largest and most dynamic insurance companies – including seven of the top ten carriers – turn to Pegasystems for insurance claims software and other insurance software solutions. These organizations, facing steep operational challenges, rely on Pega insurance administration software because they know they can count on Pega solutions for:

  • Intelligent automation. Automated insurance claims processes can only be as intelligent as the business rules that motor them. Leveraging Pegasystems’ industry-leading business process management (BPM) platform, Pega insurance claims software delivers the most robust and sophisticated business rules functionality on the market. With Pega insurance claims software powered by Pega BPM, you can fully capture your company’s objectives and intellectual capital into dynamic business rules that drive intelligent automation across your claims operation.
  • Unmatched agility. Pega insurance management software empowers business users to create and modify processes and services with minimal reliance on over-stretched IT staff. By automating much of the programming required for new process creation, Pega enables insurers to achieve an unprecedented level of agility.
  • Rapid ROI. Pega BPM easily integrates with your existing IT infrastructure, facilitating rapid deployment of the platform and the applications that it powers. Pega further speeds your time-to-value with a powerful set of solution frameworks for insurance claims software as well as for underwriting software and other insurance applications. These solution frameworks, based on industry best practices and Pegasystems’ deep experience with the insurance sector, jump-start your creation of customized applications ideally suited to your particular needs and objectives.



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Feature-Rich Insurance Claims Software

The Pegasystems solution framework for insurance claims software provides a robust feature set, including:

  • Dynamic data capture for FNOL, NOL, and FROI, with intelligently automated flows and forms that read and respond to the claimant’s intentions.
  • Support for and integration of multiple channels of claims entry, including mail, fax, internet, email, or call center.
  • Automated routing of claims based on location, skill, or type of claim.
  • End-to-end case management functionality, with SLA performance tracking.
  • Integration of all types of claim-relevant data sources and formats, including databases, flat files, PDFs, images, and APIs.
  • Intelligent fraud detection, alerting, and case handling.
  • Automated audit trail generation, reporting, and analytics.


Intelligent, agile, rich in features, and quick to deliver results, Pega BPM-based insurance solutions are your best choice for insurance claims software as well as insurance underwriting software and other types of insurance policy management software.

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